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  1. Thanks, it would be great to eventually get all cassette based systems up to this standard!
  2. @Retrofrogg hi, these look fantastic but now my C64 and spectrum boxes look poor in comparison, any chance you could share the template so I could make them the same or are there any plans to do these systems too?
  3. Hi, bit of a long shot this but does anybody have old cores for android retroarch? Specifically vice64sc? I was using savestates to by pass any trainers and loading but after updating g the core most of these no longer work? I use android retroarch on my phone, my launchbox pc build is still working fine (haven't updated core) but unfortunately the windows cores won't transfer to android. Thx.
  4. I've been messing around with Fmtowns emulation in mame and I know it's not perfect but some games seem to run too fast, perhaps twice as fast as they should, Tubo Outrun is one offender as is Afterburner. Is there anyway to run these correctly?
  5. Is this project still ongoing, I'd be interested in helping out if it is?
  6. From my memory you are right, the screens/ mirrors were cleverly overlapped, although there were sometimes a slight contrast difference between those that were reflected and the actual screen that wasn't (I can't remember if it was to 2 outer screens or just the middle one that was reflected) This can be replicated in mame by removing the screen curvature although you'll have to save a separate .ini for the games you want to do this on otherwise all games will have no curvature. I also slightly adjust the brightness of the middle screen so there is a slight difference and ever so slighty adjust its position and size so you get that little "ripple" when sprites cross the screens.
  7. Hi, would it be possible to share the bezel reflection/scratch png file so that It can be applied it to bezels that you are not doing? I have a few that you have missed out that I'd like to add this brilliant effect to. Thanks.
  8. Yes, but it's pretty quick and easy to do if you are familiar with photo editing . I use photopea, it's free and online and I assume similar to photoshop. I create a copy layer of the bezzel art (so I have 2 layers) then create a raster mask from transparency on the top original layer (this removes the only screen area on that layer. On the 2nd copy layer below, the screen is now showing through, so if you reduce the opacity of this layer (I found 65% to be good) the reflection and scratches on the screen will be reduced to that level. It won't alter actual bezel art as this is still hidden under the top layer. If you don't want any screen effect at all, simply create a raster mask from transparency and save it like that. You will still have scratches and reflection on the bezel though. I do it on my phone, easy to do when you're on the bus, train, loo or whatever ?
  9. They are indeed fantastic, personally I love the reflections and the scratches really adds to the nostalgia for me, although on my favourite games I have used photo shop to reduce the strength of the effect by about a 3rd, a little less distracting for actual gameplay for me. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing these.
  10. OK, now I've got all this set up and running nicely in mame but I have run into another issue in that I don't seem to be able to save different control configs for games as they are all treated as the same machine. As many games require different key presses, in Retroarch I normally map them to my controller then save the game config but I can't see a way to do this in mame which leads me to my next question... Is there a way to get this (bbc micro) running in mame retroarch via launchbox? I have tried to follow a few guides claiming to do the this for other systems but nothing seems to work for me although I have manged to manually get it working in RA mame.
  11. Hi, I'm trying to get BBC b microcomputer (Bbcbp) working through mame retroarch core but I have followed this through several times now and had no luck getting it to run? I can get it working manually loading the Bbcbp rom through retroarch mame and then mounting a disc into flop 1 and booting it so I know its not an issue with my roms but sadly cannot get this to run via LaunchBox. I have also managed to get it to work via LaunchBox in stand alone Mame using a different guide but sadly I can't see a way to save induvidual game control configs hence I thought I'd try retroarch. I don't really have any understanding of command lines so I'm just trying to copy it parrot fashion and substitute the parts that are relevant to the BBC b. That said I'm pretty sure I've copied/done this correctly but I'm going to conceded defeat for now unless anyone who knows what they are doing can try and get the Bbcbp to work in this way.
  12. Ahhh...now its making some sense! Once again thank you so much for you help.
  13. Great! , I was on the right track but thanks so much for that, brilliant. I can guess at what most of the command line is doing but I was wondering what all the \n 's were for? What is their function?
  14. OK, thanks, it was a bit of a punt about using the acorn line as I know they are similar machines, I don't have any understanding of this or what most of the lines actually mean. For clarity, are you saying I need to use the complete acorn line but substitute the model to BBC then use this to replace the end? Also where should I put this line in Launchbox, I have an idea but I'd rather be sure in case I do it wrong! Thanks for your help.
  15. I see there is a command line for BBC cass but I've been trying to autoboot BBC micro disc images via mame/mess but it only boots to the bios screen from launchbox. Some games will then load with the shift+break (shift+f12 I think?) combo but I wondered if anyone could tell me if there is a command line to do this? Could the Acorn Electron floppy command line be adapted as they are similar machines? I'll admit that this is a bit above my understanding.
  16. Thanks so much for these, I will have a go at a master system set, if I can do it as well as these I will post them on here but I'm no expert on photoshop.
  17. These are beautiful! I love the sheen on the plastic it looks very classy. Are you planning to do any Master System covers like this? Or would it be possible to share the template so I could have a go at making them? Thx.
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