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All Killer/No Filler - ini to create your own All Killer playlists

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All Killer/No Filler - ini to create your own All Killer playlists

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*Disclaimer - This ini file is to be used with JoeViking245's Create Playlists from MAME category ini files plugin (link to that below).

Have your cake and eat it too! The All Killer/No Filler lists found on BYOAC, and more recently adopted by our own @Lordmonkus on the LB forum are really nice lists, but they were never intended for collections that have full rom sets. I mean the whole idea of All Killer/No Filler is to pair down your collection to have only the best games. This ini file will let you create All Killer/No Filler Playlists from your existing full MAME rom set. When finished importing, you can browse your paired down playlists of only the best, or switch over to the full set whenever you like.

The included ini file was tested with MAME 0.234 and Launchbox 11.15 and includes the following categories so you can create your own Playlists.

  • [All Killer No Filler - Horizontal Classics]
  • [All Killer No Filler - Vertical Classics]
  • [All Killer No Filler - Beat 'Em Up/Hack 'N Slash]
  • [All Killer No Filler - Platformers]
  • [All Killer No Filler - Puzzle]
  • [All Killer No Filler - Run 'N Gun]
  • [All Killer No Filler - Horizontal Shmups]
  • [All Killer No Filler - Vertical Shmups]
  • [All Killer No Filler - Sports]
  • [All Killer No Filler - Vs. Fighting]
  • [All Killer No Filler - Combined]
  • [All Killer No Filler - The Monkus List] - An alternative and smaller list than the combined list.
  • [Spinner Games]
  • [Spinner Racing Games]
  • [Trackball Games]
  • [Lightgun Games]
  • [Vertical Arcade Extended List] - All vertically oriented games.

As you can see, I've included a few non All Killer lists as well for cab enthusiasts.

Some of the lists have glaring omissions such as no Contra (Super Contra is present though) or Primal Rage. I believe these may be imperfect games or there is some other reason Launchbox doesn't import them. I removed these games from the lists.

For simplicity's sake, I also removed any instances of alternate ROMs used for different player layouts. For example, only one instance of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is in the lists, no 2 player version is included since Launchbox does not show these by default when the Import Clones as additional versions (Recommended) radio button is selected during the MAME ROM import process.

Future versions of MAME or Launchbox may not play friendly with the naming of some of the ROMs in the lists and they might not import, but as of MAME 0.234, all games in each list should import without error. This was tested with a MAME 0.234 merged set as well as a MAME 0.234 non-merged set. I assume a split set should be fine as well.

For what it's worth, I know Launchbox creates pretty good Playlists already. The All Killer lists have been curated over the years by enthusiasts that want only the best games. These have always been my favorite sets of ROMs and I wanted to share a different way to use them with the community. Could I have just shared the Playlist xmls? Sure. This was more fun though.

In order to use the ini file you must install JoeViking245's Create Playlists from MAME category ini files plugin found at the link below. Instructions on it's use can also be found there. The All Killer.ini file should be placed in the ../MAME/ini/folders/  folder wherever you have your MAME installed.

Special thanks to @JoeViking245 for his amazing plugin.


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