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How to run SL Neo Geo AES with standalone mame?


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I got mame 0.234, the neogeo full romset folder from mame software list 0.234 (merged) from pleasuredome, neogeo.zip (bios) from mame 0.234 (bios-devices) from pleasuredome.

What are the steps needed to make sure it runs properly without issues? Also, i want mame to favor usa/europe games.

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If you just want Neo Geo, you can use the Final Burn Neo emulator in Retroarch. The bios files go in their own folder called "fbneo" in the retroarch system folder. You can just import the games as rom files, but make sure that when importing you select mame naming conventions.

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19 minutes ago, vgbox said:


I want to use standalone mame with Neo Geo AES because i count on it to give the most accurate emulation for that system.

In that case it would be much easier to just get the whole mame collection and import it via Launchbox Full System importer. I found that you run into too many problems if you don't have the full mame system, such as necessary files missing and so on.

Anywy, I don't use Mame standalone, so I can't help you with that. there are more experiences people here that can help you better.

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