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  1. Problem solved! RA mame core. For the benefit of people who break their heads on how to get this to work. Posting my configuration: Materials needed: neocd CHD's folder from mame SL CHD's. neocdz.zip from mame arcade roms RA with mame core installed 1. Make a RA platform specifically for NGCD with the following configuration: 2. Enter "...\RetroArch\retroarch-core-options.cfg" and configure: mame_boot_from_cli = "enabled" mame_boot_to_bios = "enabled" mame_boot_to_osd = "enabled" mame_read_config = "enabled" mame_write_config = "enabled" 3. Make a mame.ini file in "...\Retroarch\system\mame\ini\mame.ini" and copy paste this with your own paths: # # CORE CONFIGURATION OPTIONS # readconfig 1 writeconfig 0 # # CORE SEARCH PATH OPTIONS # homepath . rompath E:\neocd hashpath E:\RetroArch\system\mame\hash samplepath E:\RetroArch\system\mame\samples artpath E:\RetroArch\system\mame\artwork ctrlrpath ctrlr inipath E:\RetroArch\system\mame\ini fontpath . cheatpath E:\RetroArch\system\mame\cheat crosshairpath crosshair pluginspath plugins languagepath language swpath software 4. Put the neocdz.zip in your neocd folder and import the neocd folder to LB 5. Enjoy a great nostolgia in CD quality with the best NGCD emulator! A suggestion for the moderators: Make a simple step by step guides for each platform and add it to the forum. There is no replacement for a written material and some of the LB video guides are outdated and it can be difficult to find out for an answer from only using the search and many times the answer does not exist. This will make everything easier... and draw more people to use LB and pay for LBP.
  2. I'm trying to load them in LB as i'm only interested in LB to load games. Mame is already configured in LB for my arcade games and NGCD. Neo geo cd CHD folder is already imported to LB. Here are some screenshots:
  3. Sure, i'll use stand alone mame. I searched for guides and discussion here but found nothing. Did i miss something? Anyway, i downloaded neocd folder from mame sl CHD merged set and ditched the redump set because mame supports CHD's for neogeo cd, i put neogeo.zip and neocdz.zip bios files i downloaded from the web inside the neocd folder, entered mame and directed it to my neocd folder for roms , i tried to load games but non of them will load. What am i missing?
  4. I got Redump Neo Geo CD set. Each game is a zip file. In each zip file there is cue file and dozen of bin files (like the printed screen shows). How do i make it work with the latest Mame/RA latest Mame core, inside LB? Can i play with the games zipped or do i need to unzip them? Do i need to convert the cue file and the dozen of bin files to other format? What about bios? Which is better for NG CD, Standalone Mame or RA latest Mame core? I imported the zip files but the games won't load. Also, i unzipped the files and tried to import the cue files of each game but i got en error message (second printed screen). neogeo.zip and neocdz.zip are inside "...RA/system". Thanks in advance!
  5. I used FatMatch to rename my SMS cfg's (configured 65% accuracy) but for some reason as seen in the screenshot, it won't list "Aladdin (Europe, Brazil).zip"-----"Aladdin (Europe).cfg" while it will list other similarly related files like Ace of Aces (Europe, Brazil).zip-----Ace of Aces (Europe).cfg, 1. Why it won't list it? As you can see the list is alphabetical. Also, both files are present in their respective folders. 2. Is there recommended settings for renaming? I'm aware that there cannot be 100% accuracy and i read the whole thread and found no answers.
  6. @dragon57 So i downloaded a clean (no demos, no betas, etc.) 1G1R (one game, one rom) no-intro genesis-megadrive set (USA, Europe, Japan) and more games seem to show bezels but still, some games won't show bezels, examples: Not showing bezels: Sipder-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage (World) Showing bezels: Spider-Man (North America, Europe) What could be the problem? Btw, RA Genesis Plus GX core is updated. I PM'd you my Rom set list.
  7. Do you have a list of how megadrive/genesis files should be named for the bezels to always show? PM'ed you as well in regard.
  8. @dragon57Sure thing. Examples taken from Launchbox window, (Arranged by: Region): Bezels are showing for: Sonic the hedgehog (north america, europe) After burner II (north america, europe) The jungle book (north america) Bezel not showing for: Sonic 3 (north america) Streets of rage III (north america) Golden axe III (europe) PM'ed you my MD directory list right now.
  9. I uninstalled mega drive bezels from BP and installed them again from BP. Now, Most roms i try don't show any bezels, only a small minority do. What's next?
  10. Done, but now games don't show overlays at all. ?
  11. @dragon57On second thought... Aren't renaming is a solution only for roms that does not show any bezels at all (black sides)? All my roms show bezels. Again, my problem is that One wrong bezel (of other game) is displayed in many different games and that bezel is of bugs bunny genesis game. So i thought maybe its a retroarch wrong configuration and entered RA and found the bezel in the settings: Onscreen display>Onscreen overley>Overley display>bugs bunny in double trouble What is this setting for? What should be configured here? Is renaming all rom sets still the solution?
  12. @dragon57What utility are you using? I'll dl it. Can you explain with your utility?
  13. Got it. I downloaded "bulk rename utility", can you tell me what do i need to set there in order to rename the cfg files in the RA config folder?
  14. As i wrote, bezels are showing, read 1. and 2. again, and i'll add: 3. One wrong bezel (of other game) is displayed in many different games. So, lets take SMS for example, in order to solve all of the above, i need to rename the cfg files in "...RetroArch\config\Genesis Plus GX" and the cfg and png files in "...RetroArch\overlays\GameBezels\MasterSystem" to the names of the rom files that are in my SMS roms folder, am i right?
  15. The search begins then. Btw, When i bought my computer they said that one of the benefits of my CPU is that its good for overclocking. Do you know if games performance would benefit from overclocking my CPU? Does it worth it?
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