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  1. ...And if i cancel Game startup then Demul launches but does nothing. The games launch perfectly fine when done directly through demul. Only naomi games launch fine via LB. The rom directories are the same in both LB and demul. What would be the solution? Thanks in advance
  2. Everything is configured perfectly in launchbox and phoenix according the the guide and launched perfectly directly from phoenix, but when i launch a game through launchbox i get this screen. What would be the solution to this?
  3. I got SNK Neo Geo CD full set running in RA latest mame core very nicely with the guide i posted here: Now, i would like to run Neo Geo AES in the same core. 1. What would be the steps needed in order to make it happen? 2. What should be configured in order to not break Neo Geo CD emulation?
  4. My redump 3do games folder contains one of these games with long names, for example: "Nishimura Kyotaro Travel Mystery - Akugyaku no Kisetsu - Tokyo ~ Nanki Shirahama Renzoku Satsujin Jiken (Japan) (Disc 1)" When i tried to import my 3do library by importing the .cue file of each game in LB, a message popped: "-File path of Nishimura Kyotaro Travel Mystery - Akugyaku no Kisetsu - Tokyo ~ Nanki Shirahama Renzoku Satsujin Jiken (Japan) (Disc 1)- does not exist. Verify that the correct file name was given." Of course the file exists. I followed the instructions here in attempt to fix this: https://www.howtogeek.com/266621/how-to-make-windows-10-accept-file-paths-over-260-characters/ Tried both their patch and manual fix of both home and pro win10 methods and restarted windows. The windows still pops. I would not want to shorten the file name. What's next?
  5. Is it possible to use image for certain platform/playlist theme instead of theme video? Thanks in advance.
  6. All your questions are answered here. This is the best source on the web for recommended emulators/cores, a must read for every retro gamer: http://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Main_Page
  7. Hi, I just made a clean install of windows 10 and i would like to know from your experience, which are the most reliable and active in development for dualshock3 and dualshock4 drivers for windows 10 that work the best with the different emulators and RA cores. I used scptoolkit but i started having issues with it, windows stopped detecting controllers, tried to change some registry setting after reading some guide and it only got worse... Tried input mapper instead but i started having the same issues. this is some of the reasons why i made a clean windows install... From googling , input mapper seems to be the only ds3 and ds4 solution that still get updates (?) I don't like to mess with windows settings. I just want to play games. Looking back, even though i prefer it over the xbox controller, maybe i should have bought another xbox one controller instead of ds4. (i already had ds3 from the time i owned ps3). My controllers set up is: DS4, DS3, Hori real arcade pro 3 and xbox one controller. Thanks in advance.
  8. I was wondering the same. That would be awesome.
  9. It solved the problem. Thank you.
  10. Sorry if this was asked before: I'm using RA mame2003plus core. I renamed "mame 2003 (0.78)" bezel related folders to MAME2003-plus because this is how RA names that core, anyway, I got mwalk.cfg in \RetroArch\config\MAME2003-plus which contains: input_overlay = ":/overlays/ArcadeBezels/mwalk.cfg" and in \RetroArch\overlays\ArcadeBezels: mwalk.png and mwalk.cfg which contains: overlays = 1 overlay0_overlay = mwalk.png overlay0_full_screen = true overlay0_descs = 0 Yet the bezel won't show, what am i missing?
  11. 1. In retroarch "mame 2003 plus" core, i have ds4 for player 1, ds3 for player 2 and real arcade pro 3 arcade controller for player 3. For games with up to 2 players, how can we allow rap3 arcade controller (or any other third controller for that mater) to be the second player? 2. Is there any way to allow to use the trigger or shoulder buttons in ds4/ds3 when playing arcade emulated driving games like Daytona USA in model 2 emulator? Using the analog stick to accelerate and brake is pretty annoying and feels unnatural. I know its originally made for wheel but still most people play emulation with gamepads and driving games with gamepads.
  12. Hello, i would like to accurately display my current platform video themes. I download them, press ok, but when entering the platform video themes window LB keeps the previous platform theme displayed. Although, the newly selected video platform themes will play in BB. The same happens for 5-6 other platforms. For example, the current N64DD video theme is "colorful 4K...", i change it to "emumovies nintendo 64DD (16:9)HD", check the box, press ok, go back to the video theme window to see if the new theme is displayed but the "colorful 4K..." theme is still displayed. Is there a solution to this or is it already a known bug?
  13. I highly recommend you guys to use the latest RA mame core to play ngcd as is considered the best emulator for it and allows to fasten the loading time. I made a guide in the following thread, enjoy and thank me later (it is in my last post on that thread): Enjoy!
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