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Can't import anything?


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So I can't seem to import, well, anything into Launchbox. Example: When importing Teknoparrot or ArcadePC games. If I use the importer itself, everything goes fine, until the last window before the import begins. The window shows no files. Via tutorials I'm supposed to use XML, TXT, or ZIP files. I've used all three and the result has been the same. When I do a import and check the 'Use Folder name', it still goes into the folder and pulls one or more random file to use, so I have a window full of randomness prior to import and not one Folder name is found in any of them. The only thing that does work, is right clicking on the screen and using the 'add' option, one game at a time, and doing it that way kind of defeats the usefulness of Launchbox itself. I've gone as far as doing a fresh clean install of Launchbox, and it still does the same. Anyone know a possible fix other than using another program?

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Before importing any TeknoParrot games into LaunchBox, first set them up and test them in TeknoParrot!


First I have set up TeknoParrot with a custom platform name (Arcade Recent, to separate it from my Mame games) like this:


I use the following command-line parameters: --startMinimized --profile=%romfile%

and only the checkbox "Attempt to hide console window" is ticked.


Then in the Associated Platform tab I entered my platform name.


In LaunchBox > Tools > Manage Platforms I added my platform name and set "Scrape As" to "Arcade".


Then importing the roms:

I import .xml's from the TeknoParrot\UserProfiles folder. (When you have set up and configured your games in TeknoParrot, TeknoParrot will place a .xml in this folder.)



I unticked "Show Default Platform" to find my custom platform name and leave "Scrape As" empty by clicking on the dropdown arrow and scrolling up to an empty field.



Untick "Search for Metadata" for now.



The only drawback from importing the TeknoParrot\UserProfiles folder .xml's as roms is, that after importing your games into LaunchBox you manually have to edit each game's title in order to scrape for metadata and media. (Right click your game > Edit. Edit the tile of the game and click the button "Search for Metadata". If meta data is found go to: Media > Images and click the button "Download Media".)

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