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  1. I have never used Singe so I cant diagnose Singe problems. But to diagnose if the minimizing is a LaunchBox problem , can you disable the startup screen for your game (if you have it enabled). Right click your game > Edit > Startup/Pause > Tick "Override default Startup Screen Setting" and click "Customize". If "Enable Game Startup Screen" is ticked, untick. Also you could try lowering the "Startup Load delay". *Edit* It is also possible that the start of JoyToKey is interfering with the start of Singe. If JoyToKey starts in a window, you can start it minim
  2. First I am not familiar with the Singe emulator. (And I only have a basic understanding of batch scripting.) But what does your DL2.bat look like? If you use for example: Start "" "S:\Tools\JoyToKey\JoyToKey.exe" Start "" "S:\emulators\Singe.exe" -bla -bla -parameters A bat file like that runs for less than a second and then closes. And as far as LaunchBox is concerned the emulator\startupEXE has closed and anything entered in the "Running AutoHotKey Script" tab wont work anymore. The trick is to keep the script or bat file "open" for as long as you are playing. In
  3. This works for me in both RetroArch and Mame. RetroArch: Mame: If you set up (non default) hotkeys, make sure they are entered in LaunchBox > Tools > Manage Emulators > [emulator name] > Pause Screen > Save State / Load State tab.
  4. It has been a LONG time since I imported my Sega Naomi games. (Or any games using the rom importer for that matter.) But I remember doing something like this. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong. Tick "Combine Roms with matching titles into a single game" and "Force Using Mame Metadata". On the next screen untick "Skip Games unplayable in Mame". If you are going to try to reimport, delete all your games from your Sega Naomi platform and after that only import the .zip's.
  5. The LaunchBox\Core folder is the "real" application folder. The LaunchBox.exe and BigBox.exe in the LaunchBox folder are merely launchers for the LaunchBox.exe and BigBox.exe in the LaunchBox\Core folder. So for example when you start BigBox, the BigBox.exe from the LaunchBox folder launches BigBox.exe from the LaunchBox\Core folder and after that terminates. That's why the G-Hub won't detect it.
  6. I don't have a Logitech wheel, so I can't answer your question directly. But If you add BigBox.exe from the LaunchBox\Core folder to the Logitech G-Hub, does that work?
  7. While importing games, LaunchBox gets the names from its database which (mostly) contains the official names of the games. You could right click a game > Edit, and change the title. However if the chronological order of games is not displayed correctly, you can also enter a "sort title", which you can use to sort games in any order you like. So to make it clear, if games are named: Game I, Game II, Game III, Game IV, etc. you can keep those names. But in the "Sort Title" enter: Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4, etc.. Then they will be displayed in that order.
  8. You must run the bat file while exiting the emulator. Copy/paste to the "Running AutoHotKey Script" tab and change the path to your bat file: $Esc:: { Run, D:\Emulators\CloseJoyToKey.bat WinClose, ahk_exe {{{StartupEXE}}} } Or close JoyToKey directly: $Esc:: { Process, Close, JoyToKey.exe WinClose, ahk_exe {{{StartupEXE}}} } *Edit* If you would close an emulator with Escape natively (without an exit script), you could also try: $Esc:: { Process, Close, JoyToKey.exe Send, {Esc down} Sleep, 150 Send, {Esc up} }
  9. I have no experience with Demulshooter, so I can't help you there. Dude, set up a second emulator and be done with it. I gave you instructions how to do it. Why do you insist in doing it the hard way. BTW. In one of his comments Headrush69 linked to a Demulshooter setup guide. Maybe you should read that.
  10. Great that you got it working!! That is the ultimate goal here. I don't know exactly what you mean with "being listed under the same emulator in LaunchBox", but I interpret it as "being listed under the same platform in LaunchBox". In that case: You can add multiple instances of an emulator to LaunchBox. First make a copy of the folder of the emulator and rename it to something else. In this case lets call it m2emulator Gun. Run the emulator and configure it to your liking. When you add this emulator to LaunchBox also give it a different name. Lets name this emulator "Sega Model 2 Emul
  11. As I haven't used it myself, I am also not sure. Then @Daniel15 has to do some testing to find out I guess.
  12. Someone created a plugin that can extract archives and then loads a preferred rom. I haven't used it myself, but I think it does what you want. https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/234-archive-cache-manager/
  13. I do not think it would make much difference, adding a bat file or autohotkey script. You basically have to do the same. But correct me Headrush69 if I'm wrong. @pantonio3 Wouldn't be easier to use the 2x install method?
  14. Hehe, you are right. I have a basic understanding of autohotkey, but for batch scripting none at all. As I don't have lightguns (yet), I don't have experience with Demulshooter.
  15. If I may give some further explanation? I used Headrush69's script. First be sure you have 2 extra copies of emulator.ini in the m2emulator folder. Headrush69 called them default.ini and lightgun.ini. (also be sure you have edited default.ini for use with a xbox controller and lightgun.ini for use with a lightgun). The script first replaces the content of emulator.ini with the content of lightgun.ini. Then It waits for the emulator to start and after that to close again. Then it replaces the content of emulator.ini with the content of default.ini again. (So when you want to play non light
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