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  1. In LaunchBox > Tools > Manage Emulators > RetroArch > Associated Platforms tab, do you have the correct core associated with the 3DO platform? Note that the platform name in the Associated Platforms tab must match exactly with what you have in LaunchBox.
  2. First, obviously you must know what platform your games are for because you must pick an appropriate emulator (or in RetroArch a core) for them. RetroArch can have multiple cores for a platform. So it is advised to do some research about which core is best for you. Then go to: https://docs.libretro.com/ On the left side find: "For Users > Core Library: Emulation". It tells you what cores are available and how to set them up, if you need bios files and what file extensions (formats) a core can use.
  3. BTW. LaunchBox should know that you have RetroArch installed. So before importing roms, add RetroArch as an emulator to LaunchBox. Go to: LaunchBox > Tools > Manage Emulators > Add. In the "Emulator Name" field type: RetroArch. Then in the "Emulator Application Path" point to retroarch.exe in your RetroArch installation folder.
  4. First, and most important, get your game running in RetroArch before importing it into LaunchBox. Then, if you are sure it works, go to: LaunchBox > Tools > Import > Rom Files. Then: Next > Add file/Folder > Next. Then select your platform from the drop down menu. Remenber or make a note of the platform name. Then after the import process is finished go to: LaunchBox > Tools > Manage Emulators > RetroArch > Associated Platform tab and enter the "Associated Platform" name exactly like before. Then select the RetroArch core you are usi
  5. First of all you must keep in mind that Dosbox Pure isn't finished yet. From the Dosbox Pure Github https://github.com/schellingb/dosbox-pure#start-menu-with-auto-start : Mount ZIP as A or D drive "If you have a ZIP file you want to load as a fake floppy disk or fake CD-ROM, there are multiple options. The easiest is to rename the file from .ZIP to .D.ZIP (to use the D: drive). You can also edit the RetroArch .LPL playlist file to add a #D after the file like game.zip#D. A third option is available inside DOSBox Pure with a new remount command that can be called with REM
  6. I had the same problem described in this comment: As I don't use video's in LaunchBox (I don't even use the details bar), disabling video's solved the problem.
  7. Do you use both of them at once, or do you use one or the other?
  8. I don't think so. Maybe somebody else knows?
  9. But for you, maybe the easiest thing to do is this:
  10. You must mount the game folders including the path like this: [autoexec] Mount C "D:\LaunchBox\Games\MS-DOS\Duke Nukem 3D - Atomic Edition (1996)\Duke3DAt\DUKE3D" Imgmount D "D:\LaunchBox\Games\MS-DOS\Duke Nukem 3D - Atomic Edition (1996)\Duke3DAt\cd\KillATonCollection CD1.iso" -t cdrom
  11. You could either rename them or in LaunchBox > Tools > Manage Platforms > N64 change the image location. You have to refresh the images in LaunchBox afterwards.
  12. In BigBox > Options > Image Cache, can you try to refresh or force populate images?
  13. Here another example of a .conf file. This time of Duke Nukem 3D - Atomic Edition (1996) with DUKE3D.EXE as the game's executable.
  14. 1) Make sure your .conf contains the right path to the game folder and/or a cd-rom iso and also contains the games executable or .bat file under [autoexec]. 2) In LaunchBox > Tools > Manage Emulators > Dosbox-x > Edit Emulator tab, did you enter the -conf command-line parameter to load the game's .conf file?
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    Thanks @Retro808. It works for me too. You learn something every day!
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