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  1. Also to add: If you're only going to use Xbox controllers with Mame, set up your controls and copy default.cfg to the ctrlr folder and rename to (for example) Xbox.cfg. Then in mame.ini in the "Core Input Options" section, add the name of your controller config. # # CORE INPUT OPTIONS # coin_lockout 1 ctrlr Xbox The controller config will persist and does not have to be set to Read Only.
  2. I feel like adding one more bit of information for some further explanation. Yuzu_Admin.ahk (which I added as an emulator to LaunchBox) takes the YuzuLauncher_Default.ahk script and in the line "Game = RomFile" replaces "RomFile" with the path to your rom file. Then it saves the script as YuzuLauncher.ahk. After launching a game, YuzuLauncher.ahk would look like this: #NoEnv #SingleInstance SetTitleMatchMode, 3 SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% Game = H:\Roms\Nintendo Switch\Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (USA)\Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.nsp Run, %A_WorkingDir%\yuzu\yuzu-windows-msvc\yuzu.exe -f -g "%Game%" Process, Wait, yuzu.exe Process, WaitClose, yuzu.exe ExitApp $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe yuzu.exe ExitApp } When launching another game, YuzuLauncher.ahk is deleted. Then Yuzu_Admin.ahk (which I added as an emulator to LaunchBox) takes the YuzuLauncher_Default.ahk script again and replaces "RomFile" with the new path to your rom file and saves it as YuzuLauncher.ahk. And so on.
  3. The way I found to run Yuzu as admin from LaunchBox without UAC prompt is convoluted and takes a few steps. 1. Create a new text file and copy/paste the below script to that text file. Save the text file as Yuzu_Admin.ahk (so with an .ahk file extension.) #NoEnv #SingleInstance SetTitleMatchMode, 2 SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% FileRead, YuzuLauncherTempFile, YuzuLauncher_Default.ahk StringReplace, YuzuLauncherTempFile, YuzuLauncherTempFile, RomFile, %1% FileDelete, YuzuLauncher.ahk FileAppend, %YuzuLauncherTempFile%, YuzuLauncher.ahk Run, C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /tn "Yuzu Admin" Process, Wait, yuzu.exe Process, WaitClose, yuzu.exe ExitApp 2. In LaunchBox create an emulator. For example Yuzu Admin. In the "Emulator Application Path" point to AutoHotkey.exe in LaunchBox\ThirdParty\AutoHotkey. In the "Default Command-line Parameters" field add the path to the Yuzu_Admin.ahk script between double quotes. 3. Create a new text file and copy/paste the below script to that text file. Save the text file as YuzuLauncher_Default.ahk (so with an .ahk file extension.) Make sure the created scripts (Yuzu_Admin.ahk and YuzuLauncher_Default.ahk) are in the same folder. #NoEnv #SingleInstance SetTitleMatchMode, 3 SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% Game = RomFile Run, %A_WorkingDir%\yuzu\yuzu-windows-msvc\yuzu.exe -f -g "%Game%" Process, Wait, yuzu.exe Process, WaitClose, yuzu.exe ExitApp $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe yuzu.exe ExitApp } Before we continue, first an explanation of what the scripts do. The Yuzu_Admin.ahk we added to LaunchBox as an emulator, in the first part takes the YuzuLauncher_Default.ahk script and adds the rom name and file path then saves the script as YuzuLauncher.ahk. The second part starts the Windows Task Scheduler task we yet have to create. The by YuzuLauncher_Default.ahk script created YuzuLauncher.ahk script is what we are going to add as a Windows Task Scheduler task and is executed with admin privileges. It starts Yuzu with the -f -g command-line parameters and the path to the rom file. It also has the LaunchBox exit script for Yuzu in it. 4. Then create a Windows Task Scheduler task. I am not going in to the details right now how to create a scheduled task because I assume you know how to do that. In the "Application Path" of the task point to LaunchBox\ThirdParty\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.exe and in the command-line field add the path to YuzuLauncher.ahk between double quotes. (in my case "E:\LaunchBox\Emulators\Nintendo Switch\YuzuLauncher.ahk"). Make sure to tick "Run Task with highest priority". Then go back to the Yuzu_Admin.ahk script and in the line: Run, C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /tn "Yuzu Admin" replace Yuzu Admin with the name of your task. Of course you must set up your Switch games to use the "Yuzu Admin" emulator. *Note* I don't intend this write-up as a guide. More a proof of concept because in my opinion something like this is more for advanced users. The scripts reference script names: (Yuzu_Admin.ahk and YuzuLauncher_Default.ahk) so when copy/paste/saving the scripts, you HAVE to save them with those names. Anywhere a path is mentioned (in setting it up in LaunchBox or the scripts themselves), the paths must be edited to reflect your setup. *Note 2* All this is to run an emulator (Yuzu in this case) with Admin Privileges, no UAC prompt and still being able to exit the emulator with Escape from LaunchBox while LaunchBox provides the rom names and file paths. Because this setup right here is quite convoluted, I am curious if someone knows of an easier way. *Edit* TLDR: Add a script to LaunchBox as an emulator that passes the rom name and file paths to a second script. The second script starts the emulator with those rom names and file paths, but is added to the Windows Task Scheduler to be executed with admin privileges.
  4. In LaunchBox have you set up Yuzu with the command-line parameters: -f -g
  5. My games work fine with that version of TeknoParrot. Although I don't have DOA6 In LaunchBox have you set up the game to use that particular install of TeknoParrot?
  6. In case of Cemu, check if Cemu does not run with admin privileges. Right click cemu.exe > Properties and make sure "Run as Administrator" is unticked. Daphne I don't emulate myself, so I don't have any experience with it. But I know a lot of people start Daphne games with bat files. Than having an exit script with {{{StartupEXE}}} in it won't work because in that case the bat file is seen as the StartupEXE. Not the emulator itself. Than you must name the emulators executable in your exit script. WinClose, ahk_exe daphne.exe * If you use bat files to start emulators / games, LaunchBox sees the bat file as the emulator. When you start a bat file the bat file starts the game and then closes. As far as LaunchBox is concerned the emualtor itself has closed and your exit script won't work anymore. So it is important to keep your bat file "running" for as long as you play the game. You can do this by using "Start /Wait" in your bat file. Example: Start /Wait D:\path\to\daphne.exe -and -other -command-line -parameters.
  7. Ok. I tied with the AC-DC Pro-1.0 table. To run that tables you need a rom. When I put the rom in the VPinMAME\roms folder and launched the table I got that disclaimer, but only the first time. If you tick "Yes, I am" > OK, the second time you launch that table you won't get that disclaimer anymore.
  8. Visual Pinball X does not need to run with admin privileges. If you right click VPinballX.exe > Compatibility, make sure "Run as Administrator" is unticked. I only have a handful of tables in Visual Pinball X and do not recall seeing that message, but in LaunchBox I have set up Visual PinBall X like this: With command-line parameters: -minimized -exit -play
  9. Looking up the specs of the UHD 630 it's HDMI 1.4 and will not do 2160p60 over HDMI. It only does 2160p60 over DisplayPort. So unless your display has a DisplayPort 1.2 connection, you have to do with 1080p60.
  10. It could be because the first time an arcade games starts, the emulators creates a "nvram" files. Basically a file with the arcade boards bios / service menu settings. But anyway, you can hide that by using the LaunchBox startup screens. Not only is it mentioned quite a lot on this forum, but other forums as well. But if you want to know what command-line parameters an emulator supports, open a command prompt and go to the emulators folder. In the case of Demul type: demul -h (or demul -help) and Demul lists which command-line parameters it supports. I don't have any issues with Demuls sound. But I would start by verifying that Demul indeed runs at 60 fps (or 60 hz). In Arcade / Consoles systems sound is quite often linked to the game's framerate. So if the emulator does not reach the game's framerate it can sound garbled. This not necessarily has to be because your pc is not fast enough, but there could be a slew of other causes. - First the emulator configuration. Demul has 2 graphics plugins. gpuDX11 and gpuDX11old. I use the first one. Also there is a video setting called "Max Layers" . I have it set to 64, but having it on 128 can be demanding. - Then you have the Windows power management settings. - But maybe more important are the power settings in your graphics card control panel. In my case the Nvidia control panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > Demul. The Nvidia default nowadays is "Optimal Power" but in fact is quite aggressive in forcing graphics cards in their lowest clock state. Which is fine for browsing but for gaming "Adaptive" is better. (Sometimes even "Prefer Maximum Performance".) - And lastly, Demul hasn't been updated in over three years. Since Demul is a closed source emulator and seemingly not being developed anymore, I consider Demul a dead emulator. For Dreamcast, Naomi and Atomiswave I use the RetroArch Flycast core and only use Demul for systems that have no other emulator.
  11. Update to the latest version of Supermodel. Newer versions of emulators tend to have more bugfixes. To fix the graphical glitches in Sega Rally 2, in Supermodel.ini put: [srally2] PowerPCFrequency=100 Where the name of the rom goes between the square brackets. BTW. I only import the parent version of games into LaunchBox. For me having every version of a game only clutters BigBox / LaunchBox while I never play them. (I make an exception if there are some major differences. For example Scud Race / Scud Race Plus.)
  12. You can download the latest version of Supermodel from the Supermodel forum https://www.supermodel3.com/Forum/ (You need to register first.) I will start with your second error: It is like Lordmonkus explains, because you have rom versions that are not matched to your emulator version. Generally speaking you want recent roms with a recent version of Supermodel. Your first error: In Supermodel\Config\Games.xml there is a list with which roms each game .zip must contain. Supermodel checks the game upon starting, including a crc check. Some games need some extra roms not found in the Mame sets. (Needed for force feedback.) Emergency Call Ambulance and Dirt Devils want epr-19338a.bin found in scud.zip. You can unzip those games and copy epr-19338a.bin from the scud folder to the eca and dirtdvls folder. Then rezip the roms in the eca and dirtdvls folders to eca.zip and dirtdvls.zip. Le Mans 24 needs epr-18261.ic9 found in the Model 2 game Sega Touring Car Championship (stcc.zip).
  13. In Demul > Config > Plugins and Paths > Roms and Bioses Paths, add the paths to your (Naomi 2) roms and bioses. Then in LaunchBox add the command-line parameters: -run=naomi -rom= and tick all three checkboxes beneath. For Model 3 point to supermodel.exe as the emulator.
  14. The last thing I can think off, is to make sure you do not run it as Administrator. *Edit* BTW. When you troubleshooting problems like this, it is always a good idea to reboot your pc before reinstalling software.
  15. I do not use Project64 but I downloaded the latest dev. build and it works fine on my pc. Just remember if you download a zip or an installer of Project64, first right click > unblock before unzipping / installing.
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