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Big problem after changing Retroarch location *Solved*


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I have a problem after changing the location of retroarch to somewhere else on the drive.

An error pops up. This is what it says.

"The same command-line parameters are used more than once for the Super Nintendo Entertainment system within this emulator. Please select distinct command-line parameters for each entry."

I have not got a clue how to correct it.  :S

Here is the screenshot

Screenshot 2021-10-10 155146.jpg

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Oh yes i do. How do i go about deleting one of them?

Been trying to figure that out.

*edit - Figured it out. I was looking for a delete option. All i had to do was highlight the repeat system then by using delete on my keyboard.*


Thanks :D

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OK i have just seen this, so thanks @JoeViking245 for picking it up and potentially solving it. :) However i do see a issue in the above image, and that is that you seem to be running Retroarch through steam, is that in fact correct, because that may itself be injecting some commands of itself. I'm honestly not sure, and pretty sure it's never been tested.

Gonna link this thread in our moderator discord, just in case its a actual issue with using the steam version of Retroarch.

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  • Fragger changed the title to Big problem after changing Retroarch location *Solved*
2 minutes ago, Fragger said:

@neil9000 No i made a backup of all the files i needed then rewritten over steam files.

*edit* except executable 

OK, shame, but thanks for checking. I may be well of base anyway, it was just the first time i have seen a image were someone was preferring the Steam version over the standard portable version of Retroarch, so my thinking was the way that the steam version launches a specific core, is the same way we do, so you get a double command, which is invalid.

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