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Arrange game by Screen type?


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Hi. I would like some metadata added to games showing either vertical or horizontal display info, this way we can arrange games by screen format eg vertical games to display first etc. Will also make adding vertical overlays easier if all vertical games are arranged after each other. Is such a feature possible? Or already existing?

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11 hours ago, Zellet said:

Is such a feature possible?

Pretty much anything's possible. :D Sometimes you just need to be a little creative. ;)

 I imagine adding monitor orientation to LaunchBox's available metadata for arcade machines isn't going to happen anytime soon (ever?).

One possible 'creative' solution is to create your own Playlist's, one for Arcade - Vertical and one for Arcade - Horizontal.

Though I don't think there's a 'pre-made' ini file for horizontal and vertical games, so you'll need to create your own.  One way is to:

Go to http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/default.php and click on Machines. Next click Additional Filters. Go to the Video tab then click Horizontal, then Search.  Now click on Options and select Export The Results (the only option).  Under Title, type in a name (I recommend something like Horizontal).  Now select MAME (ini) and then Export.  

Repeat selecting Vertical as the Additional Video filter.

These will save it to your default Downloads folder.  Well maybe... Windows might freak out thinking the file is unsafe, so you may need to tell it to Save Anyway.

Follow the How to use: instructions in the plugin link above to create your new Playlist.

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16 minutes ago, Zellet said:

Thanks. The creating playlist part is what I was trying to avoid though....To go and tag all vertical orientated games is gonna take a while.

With the steps Joe is telling you to take you wouldn't need to. Simply download the ini and let the plugin make the playlist for you. Even if you don't want to keep the playlist long term, you could make it, then select all the games in that playlist and add a custom field to them all then delete the playlists and plugin

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