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Big Box: Gamepad stops working after sleep mode or turning it off and then on.


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Hi, I just realized that Big Box loses the gamepad functionality if I turn it off and then on or after entering sleep mode and then wake it up.
Gamepad works as it should inside emulators and I don't remember failing like this in Big Box before.

Anyone having the same problem?

I've used the keyboard to see if its possible to map the gamepad buttons when this happens and the only button that worked is the "start" button, but maps it as something like "unknown". The rest of the buttons are like if they were not pressed.

Thank you in advance!

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Well... After some checking seems like is not a gamepad problem. Big Box is losing focus when I turned gamepad off and then on.

Simply pressing alt+tab and selecting the BigBox window to bring focus back, the gamepad works as expected.


I'm using Steam to launch BigBox as non-Steam application (just like ETA-Prime video on Youtube) so I think Steam gets the focus in background when reconfiguring the gamepad in some way (keyboard is not losing focus, only the gamepad).

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