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Export specific platform on another hard drive


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I want to export some platform to a portable hard drive, the reason is that my library is too big to fit on a 2.5 hard drive and the computer (laptop) doesn't have enough power to drive all games. There is a feature like this or have you thought about it?

It must not be done like to export on android as i don't want to do a copy of 2TB data of games. I'm thinking about a kind of powershell/cmd code that copy needed file for lauchbox and games.

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You mentioned something about games so I thought that's what you were asking about.  My bad.

For images and videos, I know some people use symbolic links and physically store them elsewhere (which you can use PowerShell to create).  But there isn't a built-in, automagical way to that in LaunchBox itself.  I don't use them for this purpose, but if you search here on the forums, you're bound to find something.

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Maybe i doesn't explain correctly what i want...

For example, i have 15 platforms and i want to export to external hard drive 8 platforms (with all needed file for launchbox app and games). So a kind of copy to use it on another computer. So symbolic link are not useful as i can be outside the house with the laptop.

I already use symbolic link on my backup computer to put lauchbox on ssd and data on another HD. My primary computer have everything on the same HD...

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I use Launchbox on my laptop and my arcade machine. My arcade has more hdd space so I have to trim down my Launchbox folder for my laptop. I wanted to keep my user ratings and number of plays.


What worked for me was to copy folder(s) :

Launchbox\Games\PLATFORMNAME  + Launchbox\Images\PLATFORMNAME

And copy file(s) LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\PLATFORMNAME.xml

From one PC to another.


Overwriting your XML files will of course erase your existing data.

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I'd like to see this featured in a newer launchbox version. 

Since portable PCs are pretty much a thing since Valves Steamdeck, this scenario could happen a lot more often.

For instance, my launchbox weighs around 6TB. I've ordered a GPD Win Max 2 with 2TB and will be forced to trim my collection down as well. I don't wanna handselect and redownload everything again.

So a nice enhanced checkbox based backup manager where you could see how many Gigs per platform are used and uncheck those not needed for the moment would pretty much solve this.

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I don't know if i can post this here, but i created a software for copying all file (except games if it's not in Games folder in launchbox) for specific platform.

Choose your launchbox folder, your destination (the software will create the launchbox folder on destination). Select your platform and start copy.

I'm  not a expert in c#, but i did a lot of tests and i everything run fine. I don't have my games in launchbox\game, but it should run correctly. The software doesn't delete files, it only copy so nothing bad should happen but to be sure, use it only if you have a copy of your launchbox. You will have many windows popup copying files (one at a time) for each main folder that it copies. Let the software in a folder because it will create 3 text file to list the platform and file needed to copy. Maybe i can find a way to not create these files but it was the fastest way for me.

Try with one or two small platforms for testing before copying a lot of platforms.


Use it at your risk.

2ND Launchbox Copy.zip

**Update: Add a progress bar instead using windows popup copy files. Need to work on this progress bar, it doesn't always show the good status.
**Fix problem when software incorrectly calculated folder size.
**Showing current transferring folder.
Todo: Run the copy file in a different thread to be able to stop the copying process if needed.



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Ok, i fixed the code, if the maximum are incorrectly calculated for the progress bar, i set to 0. I don't know why i didn't get this error in during my test. I updated the file, does it works now for you? I have done a small test with games in games folder, it works in my test.

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