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Export specific platform on another hard drive


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I want to export some platform to a portable hard drive, the reason is that my library is too big to fit on a 2.5 hard drive and the computer (laptop) doesn't have enough power to drive all games. There is a feature like this or have you thought about it?

It must not be done like to export on android as i don't want to do a copy of 2TB data of games. I'm thinking about a kind of powershell/cmd code that copy needed file for lauchbox and games.

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You mentioned something about games so I thought that's what you were asking about.  My bad.

For images and videos, I know some people use symbolic links and physically store them elsewhere (which you can use PowerShell to create).  But there isn't a built-in, automagical way to that in LaunchBox itself.  I don't use them for this purpose, but if you search here on the forums, you're bound to find something.

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Posted (edited)

Maybe i doesn't explain correctly what i want...

For example, i have 15 platforms and i want to export to external hard drive 8 platforms (with all needed file for launchbox app and games). So a kind of copy to use it on another computer. So symbolic link are not useful as i can be outside the house with the laptop.

I already use symbolic link on my backup computer to put lauchbox on ssd and data on another HD. My primary computer have everything on the same HD...

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I use Launchbox on my laptop and my arcade machine. My arcade has more hdd space so I have to trim down my Launchbox folder for my laptop. I wanted to keep my user ratings and number of plays.


What worked for me was to copy folder(s) :

Launchbox\Games\PLATFORMNAME  + Launchbox\Images\PLATFORMNAME

And copy file(s) LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\PLATFORMNAME.xml

From one PC to another.


Overwriting your XML files will of course erase your existing data.

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