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How to show a category in the main Big Box list?

Johnny T

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Hi all,

I have got a few pinball platforms (FX3, Visual Pinball, Future Pinball) and (ideally) I would like one Category of "Pinball" and you can see on the main wheel and then you click into that and have the various platforms within there.

The reason being, if people are playing on my cab, they may want to have a game of pinball but can't find the games (i.e. don't know to search for "Future Pinball"). Also, it would keep things neater.

I've added a "Category" of Pinball. And I've edited the pinball Platforms to have the Category of "Pinball" as their parent.

Not sure where to go from here though? Is it possible? What else do I need to do?

Many thanks 🙂

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Thanks for getting back to me RetroCove. I just wanted *that* category showing though.

In other words, I want my Startup View to be a list of Platforms but with also the Pinball Category... so the wheel would be something like....


Atari 2600


Pinball -->

-------------> Future Pinball

-------------> Visual Pinball


I know that you can set a Playlist to show in the wheel, I just wondered if you could do it with a Category?

Thanks for your help 🙂

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I do not believe you can get a "Platform Category" to show up that way if you are having BB show "Platforms" as Startup View. Since it is not a Platform it will be excluded.

You can get a Platform Category to show up under another Platform Category, but the view has to be set to "Platform Category".

To do this In LB right click the Platform Category name and edit it. Go to the Parents Tab. It should be checked to show in "Root". Uncheck that and then check it to show up under one of the other platform categories.

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Thanks Retro. Appreciate you clarifying. I'ts not a problem but would just be a "nice to have".

My son has started playing with my arcade and unless you're "in the know" you're not going to know search for "Future Pinball" etc... (obviously I've told him about it - but it would make my arcade more intuitive if there was a Pinball category in among the Platform list...).

Thanks again for your help 🙂

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Yes Retro808 is correct.  But you can still accomplish what you are trying by setting main view to platform category.  Then you have a couple options.  You can set it up to have only one menu before you get to your games.  To do this just created an auto generated play list for each system you want to show up on the main list.  You can also set it up where you have categories on the first page and then they open to another list of categories IE  Arcade/2 player/ 

If you use Platform list you can use what ever folder structure you want you set what category, platform, or playlist in the edit options under the parent tab.  

In the example I added a pinball category that shows on the main screen You could also do this with a play list.


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