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How to update titles and alternate names


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LaunchBox 11.3 introduced the concept of Alternate Names.  Prior to that, the title field would separate alternate names with a forward slash (/).  Is there any way to update just the Title and Alternate Names metadata so that games will have their alternate names populated and titles updated to some default value (maybe based on region preferences)?  I see Tools > Download > Update Metadata and Media for All Games.  This looks like the way but this wizard has three options: 

  1. Yes, download and replace all existing metadata and media
  2. Yes, but do not replace any existing fields or media (recommended)
  3. No, do not update games with existing metadata

#2 will populate the alternate names but it leaves the title with slashes and alternate names.  It seems like the only way would be #1 because the title field is already populated. I figure this is the case but wanted to see if any experts know of another way where I can get my titles updated without replacing media and all my metadata.  Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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