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How to get Launchbox to load second file within Mame zip?


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Normally, in launchbox you load a MAME rom with the following command line:

lynx96k -cass FILE

where FILE is replaced with the rom file path in launchbox. But I'm finding myself in a situation where the given rom zip contains 3 distinct files, each with it's own game:




in MAME, you can load directly into them with the following:

lynx96k -cass gamepak3:cass3

I want to list each of these files as separate games in Launchbox but the above command doesn't work in Launchbox because launchbox injects the FILE at the end so it ends up like this:

lynx96k -cass gamepak3:cass3 FILE

which MAME  interprets as 

lynx96k -cass FILE

Would anyone know the solution to this?

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