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Games in Steam library not launching in Big Picture mode


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Is there a tutorial on how to import non-steam games that have been added to your steam library to launchbox? I like to use the Steam input for custom control schemes, but when you import your steam library, it only adds games that were purchased through steam.
If I create a Steam shortcut for the game on my desktop, import it, then copy/paste Steam URL (i.e. steam://rungameid/12198631470650097664) into the application path, I can launch the non-steam game (shortcut no longer needed) from Launchbox. Only problem is it only works in Desktop mode. If I try to start the game from Launchbox while Steam is in Big Picture mode, nothing happens.
The only way I can kinda make it work is to import the game exe itself (or a shortcut to it), launch Launchbox FROM Steam, then launch the game from Launchbox. But it doesn't show up as an individual game config, instead showing up as a config for Launchbox. This means I have to create a config for a particular game and manually load it when I start it up.
Is there something I'm missing? There has to be an easier way to do this.
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