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DOS program needs to link to Windows program for printing


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I have a 16-bit program written and compiled in Clipper.

It calls a Windows program called pscript.exe in Windows up to version XP but no later.

The program runs under DOSbox called from Wine.

I would like to be able to call pscript.exe and thereby ditch Windows XP.

Can it be done?

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It's an old 16 bit program so it would require an OS or environment that supports that. Any Windows after XP will not support it natively so you would have to call it through a virtual machine running a suitable OS or DOSbox.

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7 minutes ago, pinnerite said:

The program has been tested under DOSbox and runs fine.

My question was is there a way for it to access the printing program running under Wine?


Do you realise these forums are for Launchbox, which is a Windows program and nothing to do with Linux or Wine, or dosbox for that matter? I feel you may get a better answer on a dosbox or Linux forum to be honest, very few people here even use Linux, let alone would be able to answer your very niche question.

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1 minute ago, pinnerite said:

I beg your pardon. I landed here while searching for a DOSBox forum. 


lol, no problem, i did think it was a weird question to start with. Launchbox is a emulator frontend, its use is to have games for all different systems/emulators launchable from one unified UI. Dosbox, as it supports commandline is a emulator we support and can launch games into, but thats about as far as it goes, we launch games, not much more than that. What you are asking requires actual dosbox and Linux/Wine expertise, which you wont find a lot of on a Windows based program forums i'm afraid.

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