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UI issues in Launchbox. Pop Up Menus.


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Hi all,

I have been having issues with lunchbox for few months already.

Some of the fields in any pop up menus have flicker kind of randomly when hovering and not hovering the mouse over them.
It also happen that sometimes Boxes with a tick on them dont show the tick but if I hover the mouse over them show for a second and then dissaperar. Same with fields with text values on them.
This happen using any theme including the default theme.


Not sure can what be causing the issue.

I am using Launchbox ( I triend to keep keep it updated ) in a W10 laptop with a RXT 2070 and I tend to keep Lunchbox, Windows and Nvidia drivers up to date.


LaunchBox UI issues_01.jpg

LaunchBox UI issues_02.jpg

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On 3/12/2022 at 8:21 PM, Retro808 said:

Worth taking a look in your task manager. In the services tab see if you have Nahimic services running. If so terminate it. That has been known to cause graphical issues. 


Working better when finishing the Nahimic Services. I sometimes use some of Nahimic features but I will try to go around it.

Thanks for that!

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