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Accessing the parallel port registers


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I have "inherited" a DOS application that uses direct access (using inp/outp) to the parallel port registers for reading and writing to the port.

I am trying to run this application on my Fedora Linux system using DOSBox-X. I have no way to recompile the DOS application, I am supplied with a DOS executable.

My system has a PCI board providing the parallel port. This means that the address of the port register are different from the "standard" 0x3bc, 0x378, etc. The proper address can be obtained via 'lspci -v' on the Linux system. The DOS application has a configuration capability that lets me set the proper address.

I have written and tested a simple C program that uses inp/outp to assure that the PCI parallel port can be accessed. What I have run into is that the Linux system first requires a call to ioperm in order to access the port, and the application must be running in root for proper authority.

How do I execute this DOS program under DOSBox-X given the Linux constraints I mentioned?

Thanks for the help.

Bill Lee

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1 hour ago, BillLee said:

Thanks for the response. I have been searching for the "proper" forum for several days.

I'd just ask in their GitHub Issues: https://github.com/joncampbell123/dosbox-x/issues
Could also see if the eXoDos discord server has anyone that would be able to help you out, I know that community does a lot with DOS games and DOSBOX, they may be able to get ya on the right track.

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