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eXoDOS Lite in Big Box - is it possible to filter on only installed games?


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I setup eXoDOS Lite and integrated into my existing Launchbox and it's working fine. When I browse the games in Launchbox or BigBox I am seeing the full list and can install any without issue, but I am looking for a method to filter on only games I've already installed.

In BigBox I used the filter option with field 'Installed' and comparison 'Is True'


I have three or four games installed but when running the above filter it is showing 'No games were found'


One other additional question, is there any way to hide anything that isn't installed? I guess that would be difficult since the lite version contains a list of all the games but not the installs, and allows you to install whatever you want. I am thinking I'll primarily want to have a much smaller set of MS DOS games installed, and not want to see the full list there in eXoDOS. But also - I have friends that come by and want to play X MS-DOS game I've never heard of from their past and would like the option of installing from the eXoDOS collection, despite them being . . . . hidden? I hope this makes any sense to anyone.

I prefer to have my 'Favorite' games listed along with all games alphabetically rather than sorted at the top. I know that could be a solution but just wanted to add that bit.

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38 minutes ago, zorkiii said:

a method to filter on only games I've already installed

That filer is looking for the Installed 'field'.  In LaunchBox, edit one of your games.  In the lower right hand corner you'll see Installed.


It's a 3-state toggle.  Shown is the middle 'maybe' ("Indeterminate") value which I believe is default.  You'll need to manually change that for the games you want to see as Installed.  image.png.efb5093e19f8b0d0eebf6a95134bd817.png  (check mark)

Installed was originally 'designed' for Steam games in which Steam's API can automagically tell LaunchBox whether you have it installed on your system or merely 'own' it through Steam.  (this may be a lie, but I do know it has something to do with Steam 😊)

The isn't really a [reasonable] way for LaunchBox to know if you have your eXoDOS games installed, so you'll need to set them manually.  Those values will then be there in BigBox and your filter will work.


You can bulk change the games you have installed by selecting each game in LaunchBox (click the 1st one, press and hold Ctrl, and click the others), and then click Edit to start the Bulk Editor Wizard.  Or you can edit them one-by-one.  


1 hour ago, zorkiii said:

is there any way to hide anything that isn't installed?

Other than the custom filter, no.  

In your eXoDOS Platform, you could mark all 'those' games as Broken (checkbox left of Installed).  Then select View, Hide GamesMarked Broken.  


I imagine there's a similar built-in filter option like this in BigBox as well. 

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