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ROMS are running slow now


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I have used my build for two years with no performance issues. Now when I try to play anything the ROMS are running slightly slower on all platforms and emulators. I have made no changes to my system and it is a little unsettling to see NES games run at 75%. Any suggestions on where the issue lies are appreciated (Windows Update).

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I'm having the same problem with Launchbox , after installing the app and importing some SNES game when launching the game out of Launchbox  de games play very slow in retroarch.
But if I start the games out of Launchbox into Retroarch the games play fine. I'm using the 12.16 version can someone help me fix this.
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Hi, same issue here. Temporary fix is to lower Windows display resolution from 4K to 1280x720. I'm guessing something has gone wrong where Retroarch is now picking up and trying to emulate at native Windows resolution. I don't know the Retroarch / Launchbox fix yet, but after bumping resolution back up to 4K with Launchbox running, games still run fine.

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That got nothing to do with LB. Try to set virtual memory for the drive to 20000mb that did it for me at least.

Also try to turn off VSync in the emulator that might help as well.

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