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can not import a PSX .cue/bin game


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hey guys , has anyone encountered this ... bug?

i'm currently trying to add a single PlayStation cue/bin game to Launchbox, so going to tools/scan/for added Playstation Roms and the wizard detects the game , BUT THEN

the "Saving games" step lasts literally forever, tried leaving it for a couple hours but it simply doesn't get through, and clicking cancel also does not do anything, so i have to kill the whole LaunchBox app .....

any idea what's going on?

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yeah just done it finally, it's kind of a lot of steps to first add game, pick file, then look up metadata, then download images.... but it does work

i don't get why the add rom menu stalls because it seems to get all the media etc yet still stops responding

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1. You can drag all the cue files from their location onto the LB window and it'll import them in bulk.

2. You should consider using chdman (search the forum for instructions) to combine the game files into one file for easy file management. chdman also compresses the files losslessly with a savings of about 60% per game!

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oh i actually didn't know about the drag&drop thing,
however , as i tried the method after deleting the manually imported game for testing purposes, it ALSO crashes to unending "Saving Games"....

yeah i'm thinking about CHD, i already have a number of CHD converted playstation games but i'm kinda waiting for some MisterFPGA testing to see if i can use the same format everywhere once and for all :)

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