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I recently installed the bezel project on my pc and it works for some cores with retro arch but not others and I can't figure out why. For example it works the NES but not SNES. I'm using compatible retro arch cores with both but only one works. I'm sure its a simple fix that I'm just overlooking but any help would be great.

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Two things to check. First, the core name expected in retroarch\config must match what the Project installed. Example, for SNES, the following should have been installed for you:
Beetle Supafaust
bsnes-hd beta
Snes9x 2002
Snes9x 2005
Snes9x 2005 Plus
Snes9x 2010

What core are you using?

Second, the rom names you have must match the names of the cfg files in retroarch\config\Snex9x, for example. If this is the issue, you can rename the cfg files to match your rom set. Note, you only need to rename the cfg files under config, not the ones that live under overlay\GameBezels.

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It looks like My roms are labeled (U) and the config is (USA). I switched the config to (U) to match and tried the rom in launchbox and it loaded with the bezel. Thanks for the help! Is there a way to rename all the cfg files at once? renaming thousands of files will take forever haha.

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