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Is it possible to change the cache location?


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Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to specify a location for the launchbox and big box cache outside of the main directory. Basically, I'm trying to set up a single LB installation on my NAS, then letting any connected device simply run that installation. My setup works great on my home network (for the most part, I'm still working through some issues with android devices and streaming, but let's ignore that for now).


I just tried it from outside the network, and the performance is horrible (takes 5 minutes to launch BB, 5-10 seconds to change menu options). In hindsight i really should have seen this coming lol. I'm connecting through a VPN (Zerotier one), so performance isn't going to be great to begin with but I'm fine with that. I think that most of the network traffic is from the image transfer. I think that if I can set the cache location to a local drive that's guaranteed to exist on any computer (IE C:/LaunchboxCache), it would help the performance. I'd still have the initial performance hit of it downloading images, but once it's all in cache it would be usable. Maybe I could even set it to use Windows's temp folder to automatically wipe the image cache when it's not being used. I haven't looked into that at all yet. 


If moving the cache isn't possible, then could I do the inverse? Create a barebones LB installation that I could zip and copy to other computers, extracting when I want to use it, and able to freely delete. This installation would need all configuration files, media images (except for cache), databases, videos, etc on the NAS, with all essential files on the local drive. 

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No you cannot move the image cache. Yes you can copy LB to local before running as long as you have it setup correctly. LaunchBox is an entirely portable application and can be moved around anyway assuming your paths are all set up correctly (and the destination machine has the pre-reqs installed already)

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