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Wasn't sure where to post--bulk renaming...


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I have a ton of mame controls art files I'm using for a pause screen theme however the files I have are named with the  "standard" mame game name. I need to rename them to ideally the launchbox ID. I did a file manually--- xmen.png and renamed to the launchbox ID and the controls show on my pause screen as expected. It is awesome. But what is not awesome is the prospect of renaming ~3k files by hand. Any ideas? I feel like it should be doable but not sure where to start looking.

Thank you so much in advance!

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If you're looking to import the images into LaunchBox (not just use them exclusively in the pause theme) you can use the new image pack import tool to import them. Throw the files in a zip file and then point the image pack importer to the file and set the image type appropriately and let it do it's thing.

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