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  1. So not sure what is going on but trying to get my collection in launchbox down to vertical 4 way games only. I've checked "Allow deleting ROMS" from options but it removed from launchbox gave me the expected warning pop-ups yet the ROMs are still in the arcade folder. Is this a bug or is it operator error somehow? Particularly bummed as I took time to manually delete everything down and when I went to just add one new ROM all the roms are there still. The are in Games/Arcade if that matters not the roms folder under mame. Thanks in advance.
  2. Dumb question but if you've selected that last check box for the cinematix theme videos when importing metadata where exactly are those videos stored? Trying to slim down my portable installation and can't seem to find the videos?
  3. Newbie here trying to avoid having to include a 4 way stick in my build. Is the AHK and compiling an exe the way to go with this still for Launchbox if I don't want to add rocket launcher into the equation?
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