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Unable to import some rom files


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I am new to Launchbox and just trying to out, but had planned to purchase if it worked well. I only play a few games, and I have a problem loading Pac-Man.  

launchbox v12.14

MAME v245 with merged roms 

I can run pacman just fine. I can search/find Pac-Man and it plays “normal”.  I can also run puckman in MAME, so I know the emulator/roms are good.  

I tried to import Puckman, and it failed.   I didn’t capture the error, but when I try to re-import, it doesn’t give an error - but it doesn’t import it either.  I was able to import my other mame roms just fine.   

Anyy suggestions?   If it makes a difference, I was (edit) not importing the roms “in place”; I was copying or moving the roms.  I put the mame folder directly under Launchbox folder.  

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LB won't import something if it is already there unless you check import duplicates.  However, MAME full-set importer has a different import process than all other LB game imports since it uses the MAME meta data.  Pac-Man  (USA) is a clone of Puck-Man (Japan/international).  Depending on what options you used when you did the full-set import (i.e., if selected "import clones") and what region you selected will determine what LB imports for MAME and also what it defaults the clone/main game to. If you selected import clones, then you will see all versions when you right-click on the game (see snap below, with USA region as priority and all clones imported).  Then you can run that version. The "Japan set 1" is the Puck-Man Japan version.  


If you select "Edit Game" with right click, then you will see the various versions in the Additional Apps section.  If you want to always default a particular version (say Puck-Man and not Pac-Man) you can select and select "Make Default". 


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10 hours ago, BUCKE said:

Didn’t really want all the games imported

If you're just wanting to get a single game (pacman.zip) added, you could just click the plus sign (+) in the lower right corner of LaunchBox and add it manually.  This seems to work exceptionally well. Especially since you know the name of the ROM file.

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