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BigBox GameMarqueeView Request; Video Snaps


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I have recently installed an LCD for marquees.  The current default GameMarqueeView.xaml works great.  I am wondering if any of the theme experts in the community can assist with an enhancement, specifically related to Marquee Videos.  Currently, if a game has a marquee video assigned, the GameMarqueeView will display the video in a loop.  Is there anyone who can assist me with establishing an updated GameMarqueeView that will play a marquee video for 5-7 seconds, then immediately revert to the static marquee image assigned to that game (instead of repeating indefinitely)?  Faeran suggested to me previously that this may be able to be accomplished using animation parameters, but I have had zero luck trying to incorporate this either by hand coding or through use of the CTC.  Here is a quick video of the functionality I am referring to as used in the Pixelcade LCD.  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.

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I'd have to look up the exact syntax but what you are asking for can be done with animations like @faeran told you. You are basically looking to use boolean key frames. 0s key frame (or whenever you want to start playing the video) would set the FlowVideo control's PlayVideo property to True, then add another key frame at 7s that sets it to false. You would then need to shut off the animations repeat behavior. I'm unsure if CTC can handle the marquee or this advanced logic or not, but should be possible via the raw XAML

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Thank you for any assistance you can provide @C-Beats, as I believe this alternate marquee view option would be useful to others as well.  I have been looking through examples of boolean key frames on the web, but they look very complex for me to really understand.  I am wondering if there is an existing theme view out there that is using this type of animation already.  I am hoping there is a situation in which I would be able to copy/paste and just need to change an image type name and the duration.

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