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Noob here - display issues with art - multiple machines multiple views - Help


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Hi - 

I use to mess around with emulators years ago, now my son in 10 and he loves this stuff. I was blown away how far the industry has come.

Just picked up my life time license - loaded up Two Systems  Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo. Games work (sort of, but thats a different question regarding controllers and mappings) But can anyone answer why i dont get art on the wheel? and then if i change view i can see its there but see the distortion? 

Also the list view shows "Recent" ONLY so i only see about 10 games. I have to go to the menu and hit show all games to see the whole batch. Is there a way to default it to all games?

Two computers same issue Machine 1: Win 11 Machine


Same results



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Based on your screenshot, it looks similar to problematic integrated graphics cards. Certain integrated graphic drivers have issues with WPF programs. I believe it's caused by their hardware acceleration mode, which you can disable but does require messing with the registry.

I would definitely make sure you have the latest graphic drivers from the manufacturer. Some people have said it helped when they did that.

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Disable Hardware Acceleration in Windows 11/10

To disable hardware acceleration in Windows 11/10, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the Desktop and select the Display settings option.
  2. Click the Advanced display settings option.
  3. Select the Display adapter.
  4. Switch to the Troubleshoot tab.
  5. Click the Change settings button.
  6. Click the bar and move it to the None.
  7. Click the OK button.
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In windows 11 i got to the hardware acceleration through system settings and there are two options on and off.

It was on - i turned it off - still same issue.

Any feedback here?

Is there a guide on what type of video cards dont work?

the laptops i set up were pilots to set up before i set up an official rig for my gaming so my kids can play on the TV before i buy one- are there any guidelines on what i should buy?

as i posted - i ran it on my desktop PC (the one i use for work) and it worked fine. I guess i can buy the same PC but was hoping to use a laptop so i can transport between rooms.

any advice?

Many thanks in advance

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I know BIg Box is ran on laptops by quite a large number of people (myself included) and they don't have issues. I'd make sure to check your settings inside of the Nvidia Control Panel and make sure your system is using the dedicated graphics card to run Big Box and isn't rendering it with your CPUs integrated GPU for some reason. I've heard of users in the past having a issue similar to that and it causing issues.

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