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Does Bigbox have the ability to save individual platform views for multiple themes yet?


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Does Bigbox have the ability to save individual platform views for multiple themes yet? Before it was able to save one theme with a custom view for every individual platform, but when opening another theme you had to set in the options menu that every platform use the same view, otherwise if you changed the individual platform views using the "V" key it would mess up the original themes custom views. 

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8 hours ago, C-Beats said:

Platforms can remember both the Theme AND View you set them to. Similar to how you're using Change View you can also use the Change Theme button to change that platforms theme as well.

Thanks for the reply but I think you misinterpreted my question. Maybe I'm explaining it wrong. If I'm using theme #1 I can save a different View for every platform within that theme. However. If i switch to using Theme #2 and start customizing views using the new theme and then switch back to theme #1 all the views will be using the incorrect settings, because I changed them while using theme #1. So I was asking if there's a way to save each theme's view customizations independently of one another so they don't share the same settings. 

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No, currently that's not possible. The feature as is does allow you to use a different theme than you main theme however you can easily use theme 1 for everything BUT that platform and just use theme 2 for that specific one. If you're in a situation where you just can't decide between two themes though I admit it won't help you much.

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