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Adding Nintendo Switch (Skyline) as a Platform


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Struggling to find what the settings are in custom for skyline myself

what I have so far.

Custom emulator package name


Custom Emulator Activity Name


Custom Emulator ROM Path Key


error I get 

java.lang.illegalArgumentException: No enum constant emu.skyline.loader.RomFormat

So looks like I am getting close but struggling to find the Rom path key that works. Is there a doc anywhere on how LaunchBox is calling and passing rom data to the app?

as I count info from this and it’s working in another frontend

"amStartArguments": "-n skyline.emu/emu.skyline.EmulationActivity\n -a android.intent.action.VIEW\n -d {file.uri}",

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Nintendo Switch emulation is in a very early, but still impressive, state on Android. At the time of writing, Skyline is the best Android Nintendo Switch emulator, but there’s now a new option: Skyline Edge. Created by the same team, Edge is an enhanced version of the Nintendo Switch emulator designed to support continued development. But what does this mean for the original app?

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