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Nostalgia Empire

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I'm new to Launchbox, but have been using MAME for years.   I'm using an older version (.103) and because of that, at first Launchbox wouldn't load the games.

I saw some other posts with similar issues that had said to delete the Default Command Line Parameters line where it had the keyboard commands when setting up the emulator

I did that and now the games load, but now all the names of the games are as they are in the Roms themselves, for example, double dribble is "ddribble" etc

I'd rather not change all the names of 2000+ games.  Is there something I should have done differently?  I know this is a really old version of MAME, but it's the one that always worked best for me with my roms and it has all the games I want.    Let me know what you think and thanks!

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5 hours ago, DeadVoivod said:

Did you use the full MAME set importer to import your games? 

Nice thought, but I believe that romset is far too old for that tool to work.

20 hours ago, Nostalgia Empire said:

Is there something I should have done differently?

In the ROM import there is a "Force MAME Metadata" checkbox. I'd make sure that's checked. You may run into some issues just because of how old your MAME install is though. I'd strongly recommend you upgrade your set.

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