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LB adding extra "additional apps" ?

Johnny T

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Hi all,

This is a strange one. I'm trying to sync my arcade cab software with my backup that I keep on my home PC.

I've copied everything over apart from the image cache folder (LB and BB) and Core / Backups folder.

On my arcade the games have the correct additional apps....



But on my main PC the additional apps are showing like this??



The Platform is called "Quiz Machines" so I've tried copying the Quiz Machines.xml from the arcade to the main machine but to no avail.

I've even copied the entire Data folder from the arcade cab to the main PC but it didn't help either?

So, does anyone know where it's storing the info to tell LB that it needs to overwrite my Quiz Machines.xml with this old version of the additional apps?

Thanks for your help - it's driving me nuts! :)




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34 minutes ago, C-Beats said:

I'd verify that you don't have extra files that don't belong in your Data folder. We've seen this issue caused by files with "backup" in their filename located in the Data folder.



Nothing to see here.... move along please........


A MASSIVE thank you!!! That has sorted it!! I also had copies of the Quiz Machines xml in the Platform folder (Quiz Machines - copy.xml etc).

Really appreciate you pointing me in the right direction for that one. I would have never got to the bottom of it without you.

Cheers :)

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