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[METADATA] Need help with title names when importing SNK NEO-GEO AES set.


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I'm importing the fbneo set with the options:

  • Import specified folder
  • Combine Roms with matching titles into single game
  • Force using MAME metadata

and I'm scraping as SNK Neo Geo AES (not as Arcade) platform

And I'm getting this in the playlist/menus appearing as the base rom name

and in the metadata the title is not 100%

My question is this.

Is there a means of either re-auditing these in place to update the title field correctly or have I done something amiss on the import?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Loving the flexibility of this software, I just get feeling I've just made a slight mis-step on this one!


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  • txrx changed the title to [METADATA] Need help with title names when importing SNK NEO-GEO AES set.

I would set scrape as for AES as Arcade. You will get better results since it is really just the arcade boards for the home system. Our DB has all arcade boards SNK Neo Geo MVS, CPS1, CPS2, Cave, etc. listed as "Arcade" and not as their board name. So just reimport and set the "Scrape As" to "Arcade". 

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Ah, thanks. Shall try that.


I think my problem (as in my own making :D ) I'm attempting to import the set into SNK Neo Geo AES platform but I don't get option to select what to scrape as.


but when I add these to the arcade platform I can choose what to scrape as then.


This is more likely a bit of an edge case scenario I'm reporting I dare say.
My aim was initially to get fbneo core in retroarch to work with these as Mame isn't as stable for some but I'm happy enough to run with them in the Arcade platform for now.

Much thanks for the reply, will try it out.

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That worked, I was able to view 'imported today' and batch edit the platform field after the fact to refine those into an SNK Neo Geo AES platform.

Why do I get the feeling I'm only getting started with LaunchBox?! So flexible, love it!


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