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I updated my gpu drivers and now big box graphics are low resolution and slow/laggy


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I found a possible solution the devs may want to look at.

I found ONE pc game that was flickering too. The refresh rate was set to 60 in the options. The fps was going all over the place, trying to stick at 119 but being shoved lower.

The fix was setting the refresh rate to 120 in the game's options.

Is LB or BB trying to commandeer the refresh rate to 60hz by chance?

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13 minutes ago, Lordmonkus said:

You can set the refresh rate in BigBox.

Damn, this did not fix it when I set it to 120hz.

Big box opens up and looks fine for a couple of seconds but then something kicks in and messes with the frame rate.

I wonder if it's something about the menu rendering because no videos are playing when this hapens.

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On 1/16/2023 at 1:17 PM, Hamburglin said:

Geez. Not using vrr/freesync is not an option for a gaming machine.

This is a huge disappointment but I'll try adding it as a game manually and see what happens.

I feel the pain man. really this only annoys me when launching modern games through Big Box, which I get isn't the end goal of most users since these front ends were born out of the need to manage things on arcade cabs. People don't build an arcade cab to play the latest Assassin's Creed for example or other games I like using VRR with. Makes this a bit more of a couch gamer problem if you like using Big Box that way. I don't need VRR to play a retro game of yesteryear....but playing something newer and more GPU demanding, then VRR is the best. Just don't forget about v-sync which will certainly eliminate screen tearing and in my opinion is the right alternative to use to VRR.  I know v-sync is not as good as VRR under normal circumstances but it's better than nothing....we're in a "it is what it is" kinda situation.



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