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Can I somehow prevent LB from launching on top of other programs in Windows? 

It's bugging me since some time, I'm working with other stuff, launch LB and then it pops up on top of the program I'm using and I have to minimize it to continue my work. It's quite annoying when you launch LB several times a day. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Is there a script running that makes LB do that? Or is there an option in LB itself? 

I don't want to install 3rd party software to get rid of this issue. 


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LaunchBox opens just like any other Windows application.  It doesn't have a true fullscreen option, so it opens in a window (unlike BigBox).

When you start LaunchBox and then minimize it out of the way just as any other application, is it inadvertently popping up on its own?  It shouldn't be. 

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your issue/concern.?.?.


If you're wanting to start LB and have it minimized so you can get to it later, there is always the traditional way.  Start it, then when it comes up, click the 'minus' sign in the upper right corner to minimize it.

The only other way I can think of would be to create a script of some sort to open it.  Here's a quick and dirty AutoHotkey script that can do that.

Run, "D:\LaunchBox\LaunchBox.exe"
WinWaitActive, ahk_exe LaunchBox.exe
WinWaitActive, ahk_exe LaunchBox.exe

The 1st WinMinimize minimizes the startup splash "loading" screen.  The 2nd one minimizes the main LaunchBox window when it appears.


Note also, there are some system tray options you can choose to get LB even further out-of-the-way when not actively using it, without actually closing it.  (Options - General - System Tray)

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I don't open LB in fullscreen, just about 3/4, so I can use a Windows Explorer window next to it. 

When I'm working f.ex. in Paint.net and I open another application and during the load I click back on Paint.net, then I will stay in Paint.net and the other application will open in the background, not showing up. With LB that's not the case, I launch LB, click on my Paint.net but as soon as LB is started it puts itself in front of everything and then I have to minimize it to able to continue my work in Paint.net. 

Do you understand what I mean? 

I guess I have to try out the script, but this should also be available as an option in the LB settings. But I don't even want it to be minimized straight away, just opened but that it stays in the background behind other applications that I'm currently using. 

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OK.  So it's only an issue when you 1st start LB.  When it launches though, it is nice that is remembers its size and location. 

The only thing I know of you can do with the splash screen is use the script I showed above.  Unlike the splash screen you see with say, MS Word, you can't minimize it manually or focus another window on top of it.   The nice thing with this script is you don't actually have to do a full install of AHK as the program resides in /LaunchBox/ThirdParty/AutoHotkey.  So that's a plus.

As far as adding an innate option to launch the application minimized, that would probably need to be requested (bitbucket) and the developers deem it necessitated (or highly voted on).  For me, it seems odd to open an app just to minimize it out of the way.  But I understand your use case scenario.  I do that similarly on occasion (3/4 window, Windows explorer, editing etc.) and make use of the minimize 'button' (minus sign) and more-so, Alt+Tab to switch between windows.  In fact, I may make use of that script myself. ;) 

If you make a bitbucket feature request, post a link here on the forums.  I'll add a +1.  :)

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