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The theme I'm using uses front boxes as images. For Game Gear f.ex. I want to use cart images. The only option I found to do this is to set my cart image as box front image. Problem is that this is not available in bulk editing. I would like to tell LB to use all my cart images as box front images, that way it would show it the way I want in BB. Doing one by one manually takes too much time. 

Copying the images from one folder to another in the images section works partially, as some images are in PNG and others in JPG format. Plus LB likes to use image folders for regions, therefore the structure is different. 

Is there another way of doing this?


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34 minutes ago, DeadVoivod said:

I would like to tell LB to use all my cart images as box front images

You didn't indicate what theme you're using.  But regardless of which theme you're using (pretty sure it will work on any theme?), you can change and set the Image Group on a per platform basis in LaunchBox. But of course that won't reflect in BB.


To do what (I think it is) you're wanting, you can prioritize the cart images above box fronts.


The problem here is, if you want Nintendo 64 to show actual box fronts, and your N64 games have cart front images available, it'll show the carts in there.  To remedy, remove the cart fronts from N64.  But that's not ideal as your BB theme may have a spot to show them.


Copying the images from 1 folder to another is probably the 'easiest' way.  Note that the varying region subfolders shouldn't matter.

Another option (a bit more involved) is to create a copy the BB View your using and rename and edit that view.  You'll need to place the edited view in a new subfolder.

You can see an example of this in the Default theme.   \LaunchBox\Themes\Default\Views\Wall2GamesView

Note that under \Views\, there's the subfolder \Wall2GamesView\.  When using "Wall View 2", the platforms listed in this subfolder will have their game views overridden by their respective xaml file.  Ones not listed in the subfolder will use the default \Views\Wall2GamesView.xaml view file.

Continuing with N64 as an example, in the subfolder, there's "Nintendo 64.xaml".  If you open that file and go to line #194, it has ImageType="Boxes".  You can change that to Carts.

<coverFlow:FlowImage x:Key="BoxImage" ImageType="Carts" Stretch="Uniform" CreateFallbackImage="False" HorizontalAlignment="Center" />

Save and close, start BB.  Select the Default theme (actually make a copy of the Default theme folder and edit and use the "copy") and set your games view to Wall View 2.  When you look at games in the various platforms, they'll show Box Front images (unless you changed the image priorities as noted above).  But for N64, they show carts because of the above overriding change.

You can do this for any of the games views and any platform.  The method is the same, but the new subfolder and platform name will change accordingly.

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 I'm using the Colorful - Dark theme with vertical wheel 1 view. 

I created a subfolder named WheelGamesView, copied an existing xaml file into it and renamed it Sega Game Gear.xaml and changed the Boxes to Carts. When I launch BB now it shows me the cart images but the view is changed from my preferred vertical wheel 1 to a wall view. 

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I'm not a theme expert by any means.  Only know enough to be dangerous. 😊  So I may be troubleshooting the-long-way.

Since it's set to Vertical Wheel 1 but displaying one of the Wall Views, do you have "Remember Separate View for Each Platform" checked?

If not already, set a Keyboard and/or Controller Mapping for Switch View and then try using that while in the games view.

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