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How to make a overlay file for this ?


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You can open an existing .lay file in your MAME artwork folder and see how the file syntax is and then play around with it. I've added comments to one I have in my collection to help describe what each line is.


<!-- bezel.lay -->
<mamelayout version="2"> <!-- This is the version the layout syntax uses, mine all have 2 as the value -->
    <element name="bezel"> <!-- This is how you identify what images you want to use, typically will only have one. -->
        <image file="bezel.png" /> <!-- Points to the image you want to use -->
    <view name="Bezel Artwork"> <!-- This is the name of the view that will appear in MAME options -->
        <bezel element="bezel"> <!-- This tells MAME that you want to render artwork using the element of the same name -->
            <bounds left="0" top="0" right="16" bottom="9" /> <!-- This says where you want the artwork (numbers are in px format) -->
        <screen index="0"> <!-- This tells MAME where you want the game screen rendered -->
            <bounds left="2" top="0" right="14" bottom="9" /> <!-- This is where the screen should be placed (numbers are in px format) -->


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By the way, layouts with view element instances such as for bezels have been deprecated since MAME 0.225 and now trigger a warning. While those lays still work with MAME 0.251 they may not always do so.

If you're on MAME 0.225 or later then you can update the above lay by replacing the line
<bezel element="bezel">
<element ref="bezel">

and the line

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