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Marquee not fitting full screen


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So i had this briliant idea... or so i thought. I bought a hdmi multiveiwer to make 1 screen act as 2 monitors. It has a view which is shown in the video where the main display takes up 2/3 the tv and 1/3 as the 2nd. I thought this would be so great because the main display would be close to a 4 by 3 aspect ratio, and then my marquee videos ive designed could play at the top.

But in portrait mode the video will not fit full screen. Is there a way to force it to stretch completely? Normally it would look horible but the way the tvs split, it would not look distorted. Driving me crazy. I did have to use a vertical theme for the main display. Any help would be greatly apreciated 

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Here is windows 11 at main screen to show its all full screen

And the rei hdimi 2x1 multiveiwer was the only device that i found that would split this way.

5 minutes ago, C-Beats said:

Not sure what control you're using to display the video but pretty sure all of our controls have a "StretchVideo" property you can set to true. This will make the vid stretch to fill the space the control takes up.

Where are these settings located?



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13 minutes ago, C-Beats said:

What I was talking about was in the XAML of the theme. I misunderstood and thought you said you built a theme to do what you were wanting

Shoot ok. Is there a theme out there that has vertical marquee in mind? Or can i possibly rotate my videos so i can have the top screen horizontal then it would stretch all the way? Or is it hard to edit someones theme to do this?

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I have to learn to edit with filmora a litle better but i rotated one of my videos and kept the top portion of the screen landscape mode, and the main section (bottom) as vertical and it worked like a charm. In vertical mode it just wont stretch to full screen with videos. Going to be a pain to flip all my videos but atleast theres a solution

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