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I am having trouble with games played through Launchbox and BigBox loaded on the harddrive Running slow (sound Choppy and gameplay very laggy ). I have tried the games through the emulator only and Game play is normal 

I have a portable install of  launchbox on usb and the games play ok when loaded through launchbox on the usb drive i am running windows 10 on a laptop with an I7 processor  

Thank you 


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What you're describing sounds a lot like a frame rate issue. If you're refresh rate isn't at least 60hz (60fps) then sound will start to get choppy and gameplay does stutter quite a bit. I'd confirm your settings are set correctly when launching from LB/BB (paying attention to anything related to refresh rate, and enabling the FPS counter in the emulator).

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4 hours ago, ShaneSed said:

Can i change the frame rate in launchbox 


No, it uses what your PC is set to, but you also have to bare in mind that it is a program and not a game, so frames are only updated when needed, if its a static screen with nothing changing or no movement then the image isnt really updated. As long as you have it set to at least 60Hz in Windows you don't have to do anything. If your games are runbning slow as you were advised above double check your settings, having Launchbox/Bigbox running in the background should have no bearing on performance, unless you are using a real potato, what are your actual PC specs? saying its a i7 means nothing without knowing the the model number, as well as how much RAM you have and at what speeds, and whether or not you have a dedicated GPU. The i7 you have could be the very first one made, and it could be in a old Laptop, so a old slow chip, in a Laptop which would also decrease performance, with even less performance if not plugged into power, also if its a really old PC it could possibly only have USB 2 ports which would also effect performance with anything connected via USB, like a hard drive or god forbid a USB stick (never run PC programs from a USB stick).

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Thanks for you help.

I deleted the install and reinstalled launchbox and chose to install Mame full set. I let  launchbox install mame (.244) still the same problem when playing a game through launchbox. Game playes fine through Mame direct. 

to fix the problem i chose to edit the emulator and deleted the line in (Default Command-Line Parameters) and replaced it with (-keyboardprovider dinput) . bingo all games now playing fine 

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