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Long pause after quitting arcade game in Big Box

Dave B.

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I wanted to get rid of card games and such, so I deleted my platform/arcade and reinstalled it using MAME 0.252. And of course I am now battling setting everything up again.

When I run Arcade in Big Box, after I play a MAME game, I press ESC to exit, and I get a 40 second pause before it returns to the game start screen. Anybody know what I'm missing here?



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On 2/23/2023 at 4:26 PM, Dave B. said:

 I found B B or LB wasn’t the problem, it’s with MAME. All newer versions stall with the black screen for 35 seconds after I quit a game. Reinstall .233, works fine. Anybody have an idea why?


Hi Dave

There seems to be a problem with Mame 0.252 when using D3D in the OSD Video options

Mine has the same issue if I use

video                     auto

But changing it to opengl or bgfx seems to make it close like normal

I don't pretend to understand why but found info on the Mame github page about it


Edit: Also only appears to be a problem on D3D if using full screen rather than a window

Edit 2: Having made a back up of my mame.ini I then generated a new one, went through the new one line by line making any changes needed, eg roms path etc and then found it didn't matter what OSD video option I used the shut down screen returned to its original timing and speeds - again no idea why or what was causing the issue but found this works.

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