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Underline Access (ALT Key)


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Hello,  Does anyone have a solution to disable Underline Access (the Underlined shortcuts in your windows.  Alt=File menu, etc)  The menu shortcuts displays sometime during game play when I press the Alt key on my arcade controller.  Annoying to see that show up and it evens sometimes make the game lose focus.

Press ALT on your keyboard and you will see it highlight the menu at the top of any window.


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According to my assessment, it is not only the ALT key but also the CTRL key, which can open one or the other program (hotkeys) when button smashing, I will follow the guide of the following Youtuber.

It's explained very well there, but means that you have to rename your buttons. A very good Excel sheet is also in the video description.



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Thanks!  I forgot that you can reassign button using the Ipac or Minpac (That is what I have).  I did this before and have had a rebuild since and it didnt carry over.  Ill look into this again, though it would mean resetting the controls on quite a few games to have the new button assigned. 

I was looking into AHK scripts to temporarily disable the use of the shortcuts / Alt Muenu Accleration.  Found this, but cant get it to work. 

; ~LAlt::Sendinput {Blind}{sc0E9}

; ~RAlt::Sendinput {Blind}{sc0E9}

The main script is here:


He says it works 100%, but I cant figure out what part is the part I should use.  Very limited in AHK scripts.  The issue arises as you said, during button smashin' (Beat em ups and fighters. and most recently on Tecknoparrot DOA 6)

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Solved it by using  XArcade XInput.exe to remap everything just for that game.  Ill run it as an application before the start of the game and terminate it after the game closes. In case anyone wants to use it, link here:


Better solution for me:  Use Borderless Gaming App: https://github.com/Codeusa/Borderless-Gaming
Now there is no "window" or "different resolution" issues and the menu never shows up with nothing to start or close.

Thanks to everyone for the input.

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