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Different Platform problem


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51 minutes ago, C-Beats said:

Just so I'm clear are you reporting that you have two platforms where you should only have one, or that the view is different in one platform vs the other?

Hi, all the platforms are the same with 3d box and cart but for some reason the N65 HD one has 3d boxes in a pile... can't understand it..


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Your second video does not work. Looking at your original video you just need to go into that platform with the stacked box view and change its view to match the other views you are using. In your BB settings under controller mapping or keyboard mapping look to see if you have a button mapped to the option for "Change View" if you do use that button (if you do not map one) and then go back to that platform with the stacked boxes and hit the button/key to change the view until you get it to the one that matches. 

Additionally if you never want platforms to have the possibility of different views go into BB settings under Views and uncheck that option. 

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