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Thoughts/suggestions regarding the new database update!


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I love the darker theme. Much easier on the eyes for sure. For someone who wants to find data about a game, I am sure this is a lot more interesting to look at. But I think it has gone too much form over function. 

I have a few things to bring up I've come across so far:

  1. In general everything is too big. Stuff is too far apart. There is a lot of wasted space. I don't need it pretty and separated like this to edit/moderate. It's just slowing me down and seems more hassle. I feel like I have to scroll more and look around a lot more than before. 
    • Maybe a compact/condensed option would be possible. 
  2. There is a giant welcome message on top of every page I moderate. It takes up 1/3 the height of the screen requiring me to scroll before I even see much of the information. This does not need to be as big as it is. I know my username! 😜
  3. The boxart that resides next to the games is cut off and has a fade. I think it would be better if the image was whole and clear. This is throwing me off. 
  4. When browsing a game's images, I would like to see the size (dimensions and file size) of the images when I hover over them. 
  5. In moderation I would like to see what platform the game belongs to. 
  6. On the 'Changes Status' page there is no indication whether an item was accepted or rejected.  Nevermind! It has just been taking a while for the submissions to go through. 
  7. There is only one page available on the Changes Status page.
  8. There is no place to add a reason when adding/editing a game's details. 
  9. There used to be question marks with information regarding rules/guidelines for certain fields. They are gone now and were never really updated, but something needs to be in place like this. 
  10. When rejecting an image it says "Why are you rejecting tx his change?" . Spelling error. 

Thanks for all your hardwork. Updates to the database are long overdue and I can't wait to see what else ya'll are working on! 

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-- Quite often I would moderate via my phone. With the old theme I could pinch and zoom on an image but now it seems whatever window the image opens into will not allow me to pinch and zoom. (Android phone. Brave browser. ) 



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  • The text in the 'Reason' field while submitting does not wrap. *I'm not sure if this is the right term.*         It just continues on one line while entering the reason. It would be beneficial to see everything I have written especially if I need to add a link.


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-When adding a new game, the picture previews are way too small. It was nice in the old theme to be able to see the images that I had already added. To double check or make sure I have all the ones added I intended to. At very least the ability to be able to click into each image if need be. 

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Also you can only currently view ONE SINGLE page of changes you made, not convenient when you made a number of them. How are you supposed to see if something is approved or not, when you can only see one page? Taking extra steps and searching for the game(s) afterward isn't exactly convenient


My bad: OP already addressed this.

Here are some more:

1. Also the ability for year only format has been removed, which does cause issues when adding some older systems like the Apple II, C64, Spectrum, Amstrad, etc. Also you cannot change a year only format to the exact date of release any more if it's known.

2. Not exactly something that is missing but a couple of suggestions... added regions such as Poland, and Scandinavia for boxes for multiple Scandinavian countries

3. Region tags for publishers (for games published by different publishers in different regions)

4. Solitaire card games should have their own genre since they don't exactly fit the "casino" genre, although most people use strategy or puzzle for those games, so I guess that's a good enough workaround)

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Another thing I just noticed...





When you switch to this view layout...when you change to the next page, it AUTOMATICALLY REVERTS to the default layout, the ability to save your preference would be nice

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I think a better search "engine" should be implemented, where you can search by word, rather than letters. What I mean is...to use this as an example.. If i search for the word "And" it currently just searches for any word that contains those letters. An exact word search would be nice.

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As someone with 7500+ submissions, this new layout is actually discouraging me from wanting to make changes. It's slow, everything is too big, and things were touched that did not need to be. For example, in changes status I need click on "see image" to actually see what I submitted when it was already loaded in before. And the images under games/images are compressed so you need to click on them to see view in full resolution, when everything already was viewable in full before. 

On 2/1/2024 at 1:57 AM, damageinc86 said:

yeah I feel like just having the option for a dark theme would have been enough.  I don't like a thing about the new layout at all.  Old one was perfectly fine.

A dark option would have been perfect.

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