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[Feature Request Discussion] Add an Install Button to Offline Games

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Firstly, to the moderators, please remove if the rules don't allow it. But with close to 8000 feature requests open in Bitbucket, I thought I might try my luck. Hopefully by bringing the discussion here, it might garner more views and maybe votes on a feature request. With this said, I'd also like to point out that maybe this usecase isn't for everyone, but I really see that this could be worth it for some users.

I recently acquired a ROG Ally, and I had to put Launchbox in it, because there really isn't any game frontend that is really as good. I might say that I haven't found a Big Box theme that really fits all my requirements, but it's not even a problem: Launchbox by itself is amazing and I don't need another solution. It conveniently holds my collection, I can create playlists for particular franchises that I'm fond of, and I can see if a game from one of my gaming platforms (Steam, Origin, Connect, Epic) is installed or not.

And that brings me here. I have a bunch of PS3 games, like God of War, that I'd like to be able to pick up and play, so I have them in the storage. But as you might guess, they're already installed, so they are taking a sizeable chunk of the available storage. Now, all these games I also have in my computer. There I have more than enough storage for all my needs, it's my repository. Whenever I want another game, I can just go to my shared network folder, and copy games over to the Ally. And that's cool. But to get more space, I need to delete some stuff. And that might mean the games that I've built in the launchbox interface. You know, that beautiful interface where we add our gigantic library of games that we may or may not have the ability to play in a lifetime?

So on to the feature request. We already have icons for games that we have installed from the digital platforms. There is a mechanism for backing up games to other locations, as well as a mechanism for changing in bulk the location of roms. But what if we could have a field used to store a game's source, and the ability to download/copy from said source? It could even show us the installed icon that launchbox already offers for digital platforms. If I could have a field for this source, and an option to download it locally to the games folder, or to delete the installation, it would be perfect! I could keep my amazing local database of games, and copy them whenever I felt like playing them. Allowing me to actually manage my install base instead of having to have everything available at all times.

You can find the feature request at https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/8866/feature-request-add-an-install-button-to

It would be great to hear your input on this idea, as well as have your votes if you think it worthwhile. It would certainly be a great step in ensuring adoption rates among mobile console users, as well as cabinet users and the like, especially those with capacity limited platforms. Thanks for taking the time to read it!

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9 hours ago, C-Beats said:

I've not used it personally but I'd take a look at the following plugin. I know it does a lot of things similar to what you're asking for. It may not do it exactly but it'd be a good starting point for some one to author a plugin that would do this while you wait for any potential new feature to be added.

I'll have a look into how well this plays with ps3 archives, but this might do the trick until then. Thanks!

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You can also work with bigboxprofile that have this kind of feature.
Exemple when it download a game from my google drive when it's missing on my local drive.


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