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  1. Great solution Zomb, will definitely try this when I get home. I can do without a rotate disk function, but it's like you say, at least this way I have easy access to the disk set. Thanks for taking your time with it, I was almost done trying it.
  2. In the Atari800 core I have a disk management section, where it's possible to add multiple disk images (.atr) to switch between. It's even possible to save the list as a config and to load it, but I wanted to have that be loaded with the atr image as well. You need to press F1 to access the emulator menu, not the core options (sorry if I wasn't clear).
  3. There's an Atari 800 core as well. Do you know if it's possible to load disk sets directly through command-line? I haven't found anything on that.
  4. I've downloaded the Famicom Disk System video and there's a clear line at the edge where you add the extra padding for the 16:9 video. Would it be possible to fix?
  5. I'd really like to have a changelog implemented. It's very strange to update the betas and not understand what was changed without having to come here and look through the post. A link to the relevant post could even be provided for access ease.
  6. I don't have an external drive, but I was running from an HDD. Yesterday I had the time to copy my LaunchBox install to an SSD, just keeping the games and manuals on the HDD. I'll see if I can test this setup this evening.
  7. @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT, I also recorded some audio with Audacity. I have this suspicion that that's the source of our woes.
  8. @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT, my suggestion would be if you could find some 10 games that have both music and video from EmuMovies, put only those in a platform. Try to cycle with these. Then do the same with another platform with music and video of your own encoding. Maybe we could follow that route?
  9. From all we've seen I also suspect it might have to do with the file encoding. @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT and me had these issues, but if I'm not mistaken, we encoded some files (the music) ourselves, so that might be causing the issue. If someone could try to test these issues with music that's already on the database, we could see if the issue is still replicated. I won't be available to test this until the weekend.
  10. From my understanding, it must have to do with the Steam Controller's drivers being loaded into MAME. The Steam controller tries to emulate an XInput device, but there must be some type of inconsistency that crashes MAME. I guess there might be three advantages with RetroArch: 1) I don't need to forgo analog controls, and the analog stick actually works pretty well with Lightgun games (the disadvantage being that I haven't figured how to enable the mouse on lightgun games without editing .ini files); 2) I can multi-thread the emulation, guaranteeing that most (if not all) games em
  11. Man, @cammelspit, that guide was awesome! Unfortunately, as soon as the steam controller is connected and I try to lauch mame it crashes on me for some reason. However, I've spent the whole afternoon trying to get it to work, and it's finally ok through RetroArch, so I'm leaving it for now. Also, right now the mame retrolib is on version .181, which is the current one, so it's really fine by me
  12. I've gone with the work around: activated threaded video. Stutter is very reduced and actually emulates very well. This way I keep all my emulation inside RetroArch still, which is nice. It doesn't solve the issue in it's basis, but it fits for now.
  13. I've tried both xinput and dinput, and neither seem to be read by MAME for some reason
  14. Long story short, due to the way the Steam Controller works, I need to play mame games through RetroArch. I've got everything set up but one: I can't for the life of me find out where I should place the game .ini files. I need these so I can activate frameskipping on some of the more demanding titles, or activate the mouse as a lightgun on lightgun games. I need to understand if libretro_mame even supports the ini files, and if not if there is another way we can specify custom game configurations. Thanks in advance.
  15. It seems you're not using the same typeface for the title, which probably has a bigger leading than the one provided, thus extending the other typeface downwards and cutting it off. The typefaces are linked at the beginning, for ease of download.
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