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About This File

This is a basic cmd/bat script. It's main purpose is to copy full sets from a huge source folder.

It's only purpose is to copy or move roms and images to your LaunchBox Games or Images folder based on a list.

Because the file extension is set up with a wildcard, it can copy or move any file with the same name of the rom.

Example being: Super Mario Bros. (World).zip / Super Mario Bros. (World).nes / Super Mario Bros. (World).mpg / Super Mario Bros. (World).png all can be moved/copied

because it ignores the extension. Just make sure to run the .bat in the correct source folder, weather it be roms, images, videos ect.


This is a .bat so you can view it in notepad if you want to see what exactly it's doing.

I provided a readme file with example code I used and will continue to add more platforms.

I've expanded upon my initial release of just copying mame roms, to copying or moving many platform roms or images.

I know no one wants 30,0000+ mame roms in LaunchBox when most either don't work or a lot are weird mature or mahjong roms 

There is currently 30 platforms and 2 options for MAME and options for mame bios/device files.

File names are based on the No-Intro rom/image sets. Each platform is a list of file names to be moved or copied, similar to a HyperList xml.

I'm using file names only based off No-Intro sets, which is what seems to be what Hyperspin uses. So for example if the  HyperList xml of Atari 2600 has 667 roms, I've created a file list to copy/move 667 roms.

Files will be copied/moved within the same drive. Once it's
done you can move/rename the destination folder to where ever you want.

Use either .bat file:
File 2 LB (Copy).bat
File 2 LB (Move).bat

Place the .bat file in the folder of the source of your roms, images, or whatever source your needing.

D:\Nintendo Entertainment System  Source <-- (Place the .bat here)

Run the .bat by double-clicking it.
If your running this on the root of your C:\ drive you may need
to right click the .bat and "Run as Administrator"

Here is an example below:

Follow the instructions on screen.
Set folder directory D:\LaunchBox\[Games|Images]:Games

List the Platform you want to copy or move.
Type: LP (This will List Platforms)

The following is a list of options to copy/move that platform: 

1 =    (AAE)
2 =    (Atari 2600)
3 =    (Atari 5200)
4 =    (Atari 7800)
5 =    (Atari Jaguar)
6 =    (Atari Lynx)
7 =    (Capcom Play System)
8 =    (Capcom Play System II)
9 =    (Cave)
10 =    (MAME NO-casino-clones-mahjong-mature-quiz-electro-utilities)
11 =    (MAME NO-casino-mahjong-mature-quiz-electro-utilities)
12 =    (MAME _NoFiller-Plus 675 Most Popular working roms)
13 =    (Mame Bios Pack)
14 =    (Mame Devices Pack)
15 =    (NEC TurboGrafx-16)
16 =    (Nintendo Entertainment System)
17 =    (Nintendo Famicom)
18 =    (Nintendo Famicom Disk System)
19 =    (Nintendo Game Boy)
20 =    (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)
21 =    (Nintendo Game Boy Color)
22 =    (Nintendo GameCube)
23 =    (Nintendo Super Famicom)
24 =    (Nintendo WiiWare)
25 =    (Nintendo 64)
26 =    (Sammy Atomiswave)
27 =    (Sega 32x)
28 =    (Sega CD)
29 =    (Sega Dreamcast)
30 =    (Sega Genesis)
31 =    (Sega Master System)
32 =    (Sega Naomi)
33 =    (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Type Platform number:16 

Read on screen instructions and press any key to start.

When it is finished it will create a LOG file in folder of the copied/moved files,
and copy/move the roms or images based on the exe to the destination folder (D:\LaunchBox\Games\Nintendo Entertainment System)

Read the provided ReadMe.txt file for any other information or how to read the log file.

If you have any issue let me know and I'll do my best to answer them here.

(As with anything, make backups of your roms and images if you are in fear of them getting deleted)

Safe bet is using the Copy Version as it only copy's, but I've used both and had no issues.

Thanks and enjoy!


F2LB Screen 1.PNG

F2LB Screen 2.PNG

What's New in Version   See changelog


Changed: Removed the files as a .exe. It is now a .bat so you see all the code in notepad if you want.

Added: more platforms and 2 options for mame bios and devices.


Note: Everything works the same as before, just making it a .bat because some were afraid of an exe file :P

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