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No Filler Mame Rom Copy 182 1.0.0

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About This File

These bat files will copy all the roms and bios files from a split rom set as of Mame v.182 rom set. Using this on a rom set not 182 you may have missing roms so use with care if your set is different.

This is an updated version of the older No Filler batch file for romset 170 I uploaded here:

Thanks to @ckpfor taking the time to update this batch file for the newer set.

In the download zip file you will find 2 files, one .txt and one .bat file. The .txt file is just there so you can look inside and see what is being done by the .bat file.

To use this simply copy the _NoFiller.bat file to the folder containing your 182 rom set and run it like any other program. It will create a folder called _NoFiller and copy all the roms from your rom collection into the _NoFiller folder. From there you can then move that folder out to a location of your choosing for storage and then import those roms into Launchbox and you will have a nicer streamlined set of games.

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· Edited by ckp


@Kevin_Flynn, I did not include any additional games. All I did was import the games from the original older all killer no filler batch file, launch every game from LB, and added the files that were missing for several of those games to run. Yes, there will be a few duplicate games, because I didn't change anything. But there are only a few and I liked having those as duplicates anyway. I manually deleted some of the puzzle like games and others I don't like, but that was only in my LB. I didn't remove any games from the original batch file. 

It would be great if this LB community can find some cool games that are not in this set, to make the set even better, and we can keep the batch file updated and improved. 

My update of the batch file should also work with <=182 mame and rom versions, so it should work even with the mame/rom versions it was originally written and tested against. It's just that now it will add a few extra files that the earlier mame/rom versions did not need.

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· Edited by Kevin_Flynn


Thanks @ckp! Did you include additional games or was it simply naming convention changes?

Also, for games that have 2p or 4p variants, what's the fastest way to only include 2p? It would be awesome if the lists were split: No_Filler_2P, No_Filler_4P. It's unlikely someone will need both - or am I missing something. 

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