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  1. @Mute64 ... jelly. Any chance you are willing to share that intro and/or the batch to run the video in front?
  2. aha I'm no fanboy as there are a lot of things I disagree with to. For instance, the filtering is too limited. I recommended the ability to do things like: (1 AND 2) OR (3 AND 4) but was told it would be 'too complicated' for users. I'd also prefer content that is downloaded to retain their no intro names or at least filename of the game. Currently, I import my artwork and videos manually. Features keep getting bumped out without polishing existing ones. It's a good product nonetheless. Try RetroFE. Less features, but it's open source (free).
  3. I don't have any plugins installed and the last time I've imported any games was > 6 months ago.
  4. @Jason Carr No filters.. just scrolled through the library. Again, I can revert back to latest stable and not have it crash. Let me know if I can help troubleshoot any further.
  5. Yes. I'll see if I can re-produce it and share. Would there be any logs in the root path to check / share? My game population is rather small (< 2000) and I'm not using any merge functionality as I keep one version of any game. For instance, one crash occurred when I had searched "Zelda" under All, followed by switching the platforms. I may have switched it a few times one after the other because I misclicked, etc. edit: I'll also take note of the memory usage in case it's a memory leak.
  6. Ah. Well, great work nonetheless. The more options the merrier!
  7. Are there any themes that support 4:3?
  8. After you make changes to images, you must refresh the cache. Go to Options > Images > Refresh All. Restarts are not required at all. Yes, the caching could be smarter and identify when changes are done, but there's only one developer. Does the versioning make sense? Absolutely not. I'd say it's version 1.7.6 (Core version, Feature set, Patch / Beta). Theming vs customization of features are different. You can easily toggle features but customization of theme is done via XAML. Hyperspin themes are done in a similar fashion but in XML. This is to prevent limitations and enable creativity. Regarding the cost - that's like buying lunch twice or buying coffee for a week. It's not a lot and you support the development.
  9. Anyone noticing constant crashes with Launchbox (haven't tested BigBox)? No error log to present as it goes straight to "Not Responding". Only noticed this as I updated to the latest Beta from Beta 1. It happens most when navigating the platforms or performing a search / filter. Reverting to the latest stable fixes my crashes.
  10. Reinstall 4.7 .NET Framework as well as Direct X
  11. From what I understand, Launchbox themes are not made with 4:3 and resolution in mind.
  13. Appreciate all the artwork you've put together already. To give you an idea of what I'm missing: Panasonic 3DO Nintendo DS Nintendo Wii U
  14. How about the return of Space Cadet (Windows classic)?
  15. Prettyyy! Do you think you could make a Platform Category for Pinball? I built a bartop with side buttons so I figured I'd take advantage of Launchbox