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  1. It's a great concept; however, it would have been easier to use existing art. Style: 10/10 Execution: 2/10
  2. Reinstall Launchbox on top of itself. Windows updates is known to remove drivers, i.e. DirectX. This will not remove any of your settings.
  3. I don't see a dedicated GPU. I could be wrong, but I don't believe the Vega 11 is rated for 4K. Set your resolution to 1080p and see if it's that. A lot of times you need to adjust the response time on your monitor as well, i.e. fast mode.
  4. I encounter the exact same as your video when I load BigBox over the network; but I took BigBox as the root cause as it persisted through other themes but was more prominent in game views. As a result I gave up entirely on running this over the network. How did you check for which files are accessed? If there's a large number of random reads then that's for sure to slow it down. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll know without relying on Jason to debug / run diagnostics on it.
  5. @Jason Carr Have you ever explored converting the data (XML) files to a local database? I wonder if it would increase performance, more so on larger platforms (i.e. Arcade)
  6. @johnsanc as a fellow unraid'er, what model is the HDD? Not all HDD are made the same regardless of the RPM, i.e. the average read speed for 5400 RPM is 100 MB/s; however, for there to be an average that means there are drives far below that number. Secondly, if the drive is being used by other Virtual Machine's or dockers then it cuts away at that speed. The average 4K video is 50MB, whereas the highest is 82MB. It may take 1-4 seconds if it's a highly utilized drive. Third, where is LaunchBox installed? When you're scrolling through platforms it's actually reading your Data files to get a co
  7. Honestly, I wouldn't have noticed a difference. Optimized withing compromise! The drop shadow scales perfectly on 1440p and should help lower-end machines. Keep it up the work.
  8. I'm asking because I am experiencing significant lag using both Launchbox and Bigbox over the network, to the point where it corrupts the image caching (and possibly other data). PC: Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Memory: G.SKILL 32GB 3800 MHZ GPU: GeForce RTX 2080 TI Network: Realtek 2.5GbE Disk: SSD 960 PRO M.2 2TB Home Server: CPU: AMD Threadripper 2950X Memory: 128 GB ECC Network: 10GbE Disk: SSD 860 EVO 4TB x 6 Connection is LAN and wired. Average read and write speed is 200 mb/s. Without saying
  9. LaunchBox seems to already be loading an image for those that have a default device image in Launchbox/Images/Platforms/Devices so it's not that i'm asking to populate a blank page but to provide a more suitable default image, again a suggestion. Jason would be able to confirm if this is the default behavior of what I believe occurs when VLC crashes, or a bug, etc. Could it be a setting I have enabled? I do see your point if you're concerned about the size of the stills. See attached for an example. This is unfortunately a mockup as I was unable to reproduce it today but it occurred multi
  10. Great work! I love everything from color choices to layout. I can't wait to see how this grows. Note: I have noticed that videos tend to not always load and as a result, reverts to the device image. If I may suggest adding 'stills' of each video as part of the theme: Colorful/Images/Platforms/Device
  11. It's not a Playlist it's a Platform and Platforms are required to be in Platform Category. Platform Categories can not contain games themselves.
  12. I haven't tried the beta yet. Is it possible to skip a platform / playlist if there's only one option? Nintendo - - - Nintendo Entertainment System (SKIP) - - - - - - Game 1 - - - - - - Game 2 - - - - - - Game 3 For instance, I have a Pinball category; however, only one Platform - Pinball FX - I don't want to asked what platform as the wheel is just repeated.
  13. There was a forum in the past which provided the necessary files to merge most PS1 games into a single file so you didn't need to switch discs. I've played games from start to finish and can say it works. I don't know the site anymore as I've converted all my games already.
  14. I believe if you launch a game through Launchbox / Bigbox it will halt the process until the game is terminated (reducing the cpu usage). It is known that Launchbox is CPU / memory intensive. Time to upgrade the machine. For everyone else, it would also be good to know the specs of your machine as well as the operating system.
  15. Thanks Jason! Does anyone know if Custom Fields are callable in Views? If so, any chance we can see them in Playlists, Platforms, and Platform Categories? For Example, in Chicuelo I had to use an existing field inside the Platform to get a custom header which could have been solved with Custom Field.
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