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  1. Hello sir, i'm completely new to this world of ps2 emulator and PC (i'm an xbox player). This seems like something really interesting since i have no idea of how all this thing works and i read people praising you, and that's something good. I don't have the right to ask this, you can ignore it if you want. When I was a child I used to play two games: Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks and Def Jam: Fight for NY. I loved these games as a kid, and now that i have 18 i would love to show and play this awesome games with my brother of 12 years old. If you have the time and want to do it, i would really appreciate that you could do some configs so that this games can run in a low-end PC. As I said above, you can ignore this if you want, there would be no problem.
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