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  1. CleanImages

    Scan images for a game, find duplicate then ask (see screenshot) to the user for what to do. How to use:
    Right click on a game, then choose the plugin When the scan is finished you can make defile images, you will have resolution, location, mediatype to Help you to decide what to do. Images are trashed, not destroyed. By click on the image you could see it in big picture mode. Versions:
    14/09/2018 Big update + New boxes for multi-game selection Fixed: debug mode Fixed: update progression French translation ok (i hope) Separation gui/process, GUIs come from another depository, you could also use it if needed, everything is free and under gnu licence. Fixed problem on window for manual manage images.
      10/09/2018 First release Note:
    As you can see from the screenshot, I have the same image in two locations, the fun part is that I didn't do that willingly, but it was fine to make an example. The strange string is the md5 sum of the first file.  By click on arrow you change the picture I'm really happy to see people downloading my work, i feel useful Ii'm not really good in english if you see some errors, please be welcome to feedback them to me.. Todo:
    Close multi-game window automatically at ending process (with timer choice) Show filename pics at the top of them.  
    Debug version : verbose in log file located in ./Logs/


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  2. PackMyGame

    Repository: https://github.com/daerlnaxe/Pack-My-Game
    Explanations in English: https://github.com/daerlnaxe/Pack-My-Game/blob/master/README.md
    Explications en Français: https://github.com/daerlnaxe/Pack-My-Game/blob/master/README-FR.md
    Beta version:  don't change anything in LaunchBox. Use it only with roms !
    What it do:
    It copies then compress everything about a game contained in the db of LaunchBox app. It generates a short xml file with the main information about the game It takes images, pdf manual, video, music, rom file. It takes also the cheatcode files if you fill the path ('GameName-.') It generates a tree view file. 7z and zip compression Backup datas about a game from LaunchBox xml When PackMe run, creates an enhanced xml file, adding missing paths, additionally to the original backup Permits to choose manually video, music, manual if db don't mention paths. Contextual menu permits now to make some operations to construct the workfolder, to compress it later.  
    Why ?
    Because as a french gamer i wanted to save everything i fill about my games and keep it for later, just in case there was a problem, reinstall or whatever. Note
    Use it only with roms. Don't move or delete files from the source (never) It asks before to overwrite roms, manuals, music, video that are in the working directory meanwhile the copy (the target directory) Currently it asks a global permission to overwrite for the image/pictures files, even if there is no image file in the the destination folder. The clones are added only if they are grouped with a main in LaunchBox Compression 7z and zip It logs everything during the game treatment in a window, and a file. TODO
    Work in progress: Eliminate duplicates images files function in contextual menu (md5 calcul) Filter platforms Double Security on work folder Find a better way to handle images files Correct the english version Carroussel to see image files to overwrite etc... (if necessary) Mode silent without box prompt ? (All overwrite) Mode silent without log window Edit info in short list ? => it means to load total information of the game. Splashscreen on loading Ameliorate config with own browser system and box path editable md5 Compareason ? Move VFolder, HFolder, copyfile, reconstruct path (set a security basic path option)
    About EBGame.xml and OBGame.xml.
    This xml files are a first step to reinject games in LaunchBox xml files, but keep in mind, it's a beta.  This is why i didn't make a function to do it, to test,before, the reliability, so wait before to do it manually, please, or do it at your own risks.


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  3. SappPasRoot - Change all the folders by one shot.

    Description a bit obsolete, see git-hub plz. I will update here quickly but i saw some problems with my third-party app 'Pack Game', so i would to resolve them in priority.
    !!! Caution !!!:
    Even if i tested and i made as much attention as possible to make a perfect release, it's a beta version. So make a backup of xml files "./data"  before to use  it. Currently it can't be launched with LaunchBox.next, it's not visible in tools menu but it works perfectly with classic LaunchBox.

    For the while tested only with roms

    !!! Attention !!!:
    Même si j'ai testé et prêté la plus grande attention possible pour faire une release parfaite, c'est une version bêta. Aussi faites avant une backup des fichiers xml "./data" avant d'utiliser le plugin. Actuellement ça ne peut pas être lancé avec LaunchBox.net car ce n'est pas visible dans le menu "tools", mais ça fonctionne parfaitement avec LaunchBox classique.

    Pour le moment testé uniquement sur des roms
    Tired to change manually the 10+ folders of a platform, or perhaps you fear to make a mistake by editing the xml file ? SappPasRoot permits to change all folders by choose a root folder. If you need to change the name of the mediatype, you can too. You want to reset to default factory... it's also possible.
    I made this plugin with a real wish to make the using very simple, buttons appear or disappear according to the step. The list of folder adapts to the content the most possible to give you the most informations possible without bother you. I hope you will like it.

    Fatigué de changer manuellement les 10+ dossiers d'une plateforme, ou peut être craignez vous une erreur en éditant le fichier xml ? SappPasRoot permet de changer tous les dossiers en choisissant un dossier racine. Si vous voulez changer le nom des médiatypes vous le pouveez aussi. Vous voulez faire un reset factory... C'est aussi possible.

    J'ai réalisé ce plugin avec un réel souhait de rendre son utilisation très simple, les boutons apparaissent et disparaissent en fonction des étapes. La liste des dossiers s'adapte au contenu le plus possible pour vous donner le plus d'information possibles sans vous ennuyer. J'espère que vous apprécierez.
    Languages currently supported:
    English Français. Todo:
    Reset last action Reset Fields of MoreMen backup data files previous to make change ? See with backups. Infos:
    Bugs fixed: Errors on links about image files Added version number in title Options to change paths for existing games (manual, application, etc...) Filter hidden games (or not) Two way to change game paths forced, or respect subdfolders. 'More' fields are now saved (Change platform paths) Notes:
    Change game paths follow the structure of the platform.$ If you think about a new way to change games paths, say it, i i will add it as new option IIn some case the link is not modified, it changes only what he find in database, Launchbox can find musics, vidéos, images by look in the folders and he will found by the folders of the platform... so don't be affraid if you don't see it in the gui for the games folders, it means there is nothing in the xml file.  


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  4. Sega Megadrive.jpg

    Hi everyone, a very little contribution ...
    Cut it and paste in .\LaunchBox\Images\Platforms\###\Banner
    ###: the name of your system

    Useless part, my reasons:
    I wanted to do a hyperspin theme before, but finally I prefer the BigBox, I do not know if I could customize as I wish. But for the while, with some of my work, I made this icon for the menu launcher. I hope you enjoy. I keep the same idea as the basic model that shows "16-bit ...." I found it very cool ... I hope to come back to post a theme for BigBox, which mean that I did what I want to do  (animate a background with a grid of neon scrolling made with blender and some other things...).
    This is the first version of the system, my pretty machine, I cleaned it regulary with specific oil (really ^ ^) to maintain its brightness ...  I think it must be the European version, or PAL. In any case, it was the one we have in France ... the red was the 60hz (U.S version for us),  knowed to not to have the cropped image and to be a little faster. It's a tribute for this legendary machine for me...
    As you can see it's not called "genesis" but "megadrive", another difference.
    Cya and sorry for my english.


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