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  1. Yeah, you remember? i am gamesmame 😉
  2. @seaview59 Please do you know how i can make these Linear "stroke"? Because PS when i use the option stroke, the option works cool but the contour stay boleaned "rounded" in your intch, you see in the left image, and i need this lines "straight line with a straight tip" exacly you see in the image from right, do you understand? If someone know answer please help here...
  3. I maked this one: i applied a little touch by me!
  4. @seaview59 please, if you can, submited to database both cover and logo... Edit..: I uploaded, but not approved yet!!
  5. I make this one: Aura Battler Dunbine - Byston Well no Honoo Tsuika But is very hard to find or make the logos, and i need help!! Look this i REMASTERIZE the front cover and the create logo cleaner (you dont find in ANYWERE cover with this quality or logo):
  6. I upload this, if help you.. have a good quality
  7. @seaview59 sorry for boring ^^ but have any chance you help with this logos? from PC98.. pleeeeeeeeeeeease ^^
  8. @seaview59Man i see you is the master of logos ^^ Please i need a help with some logos.. i dont find in anyway these: Attack 100 Joukyuu Aty (Nankuro-kun) Aum Soft (Kamikuishiki-mura Monogatari) Aura Battler Dunbine - Byston Well no Honoo Tsuika Ayaori Tohno (Mako-chan no Tokimeki Cooking) Ayaori Tohno (Moonlight Fighter') Ayaori Tohno (Okonomi Eawase) Ayashige Soft (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R Manga Ban) Ayumi-chan Monogatari Ayumi-chan Monogatari Jissha-ban Azusa 108 Jimusho BOTH is the NEC PC9800 or PC98 you can help make these? PLEASE!
  9. 1 - Please is it possible for you to teach us a step by step how you did it? 2 - This way I can get all the logos of the ps3 games using the program PS3GameExtractor?
  10. But i think this Jewel its an transparent cristal... Look: Looks like this example in low res!! Your resolution its perfect big and great!!! but only thing its this "case" its transparent cristal, you understand me? And if possible, make 2 ver. same you maked in Euro.. with shadow and noeffects shadow off!! or make only with no shadow or effects, because all most like 80% prefer with no shadow or shine effects.. Thanks for your work, its brilliant!!
  11. You have maked all Euro games 3D??? please upload the pack
  12. Man please upload all covers maked Europe(PAL) or you maked it??? where i find your work 3D with this template? other thing have a way you make with no shine in spine? with no effects?
  13. I try make a test with a .bat with this code [CODE]mame pegasus -rom1 "M:\Emulators\Aamber Pegasus\Games\GALAXY_HANGMAN.bin"[/CODE] And Loads ok.. but stay in this screen and nothing more: [img]https://i.imgur.com/VQDgXOA.png[/img] Whats happens here?? How i play the games??
  14. And realy i liked your box quality very mutch!! Loved!!! you will make now (USA) and (JAPAN)? ??? Oh my GOD i hope so!!!!
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